Donald Trump Wins The 2016 Presidential Election and Will Be The 45th President of the United States of America

With the win of Pennsylvania, Trump has passed the required 170 votes and won the presidency with 174 electoral votes. There is no need to wait for the remaining states because with 170 votes he has the majority and has won the Presidency.

He gave his Presidential acceptance speech, with the utmost humility and graciousness. Even his opponent applauded him on his grace and humility in his acceptance speech.

Among the many things he said, were:

“I will be President for all Americans.”

“We must heal the wounds of this nation”

“Forgotten men and women will be forgotten no longer”

“We have a lot to do, building roads and highways.”

“We will get along with all countries.”

“We will have the strongest economy in the world.”

Humble and unifying, Donald Trump thanked his family, friends, and even his competitors.

This election win has been the the biggest political upset in history.

More to come, stay tuned.

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