MSG Is In Everything – Even “Organic” Chicken, Potatoes, and Even Peanuts!

I have been shocked to discover that MSG is in absolutely everything! Trying to find food without MSG or other poisons has been extremely difficult and frustrating. There is a whole grocery store full of non-food and chemically poisoned food, and trying to find real actual food in a grocery store is kind of like trying to find water in a desert. There isn’t any real food left in there!

You have to get the plainest, most raw foods possible in order to avoid getting any chemical poisons in your food, and even then you have to make sure because it probably has some or other chemical poison inside.

Taking a look at the raw ingredients like peanuts you may have thought “well peanuts are just peanuts – right?” Well that is what I said to myself the other day as I was eating out of a giant can of planter’s dry roasted peanuts. Not honey roasted! Dry roasted! In other words I thought I was buying peanuts they just roasted in the oven and nothing else. Wrong!!

So I was watching TV (trying to ditch that habit too) the other night and eating some peanuts and as I become more and more skeptical of the food I am eating I thought to myself “well at least I am eating just peanuts – they are just peanuts”. But then I had another thought, “… right? They are just peanuts, right?” So then with this thought I decide to look very close and investigate whether even my peanuts have anything in them.


Even my tater tots have MSG in them!

Of course, I did not expect to find anything but peanuts, but better safe than sorry. But I was wrong!! Below the nutrition facts table, there were not any other ingredients listed, just a blank space. But ABOVE the nutrition facts table there was a very small print partly covered up by the lid “SEE OTHER SIDE FOR INGREDIENTS”.

My stomach dropped and my eyes opened wide with shock and horror as I slowly turned around the large can of peanuts in horror hoping that I would only read “peanuts” in “other ingredients”. I braced myself. I did not brace hard enough. I was blown away by what I found.

As I rotated the can in horror searching for the hidden “OTHER INGREDIENTS”, finally I found it hidden very inconspicuously. I had never seen this before – before I was looking at the nutrition table and was happy when I just saw no other ingredients at the bottom. But this is why the makers put a DISCLAIMER, and AT THE TOP, practically covered up by the lid, to look on the OTHER SIDE for the “other” ingredients list!



So now you are really curious what the hell did I find?! Well to my horror and shock I almost threw the can across the room. I immediately ceased eating the peanuts once I saw the ingredient list and I will never buy planter’s peanuts again.

Ok ok I will tell you now! There is MSG, hidden under “Natural Flavors” – but that is not even the real shocker! See I have gone out of my way to 100% eliminate all corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup from my diet. But little did I know there is CORN SYRUP in my PEANUTS!!! WHAT?! UN-BE-FRICKIN-LIEVABLE!


Here’s what’s REALLY in Planter’s “Peanuts”!

Can you believe this crap?! Here I am eating peanuts because I can’t eat anything else because everything has corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and MSG, and little did I know they secretly snuck these ingredients even into my peanuts without me knowing! There is also maltodextrin – a sweetener that your body turns straight into fat, as well as torula yeast, which is an MSG alternative and just as bad as MSG, and other additives you don’t want to be consuming. And here I thought I was safe to just eat nuts because they are just nuts, right? No!

I was so mad. It is clear there is an agenda here to destroy us all with the poisons in our food. Ok maybe I am being melodramatic. But am I? They say you can’t be paranoid if they really are out to get you. Today I looked at my CHICKEN package which has “All Natural” written all over it and I paid TRIPLE the cost because I thought I was getting something healthy, and there it is – MSG! Under the guise of “Natural Flavors”! I am so mad, I don’t know what to do, do I really have to start hunting animals to get real meat? Do I have to grow my own nuts and vegetables?

See this Tyson’s Chicken which I paid way too much for because I was tricked into thinking it was healthy!


tyson chicken with msg

Now look at the ingredients – it contains several harmful things including MSG!


Do I have to munch on lettuce all day and nothing else like a bunny rabbit – oh wait, iceberg lettuce is one of the “dirty dozen” with the highest pesticides! Nothing is safe! We think with these big grocery stores we have a lot of food in America, but it’s all a trick, a lie, a massive deception! There isn’t any food in there, just chemical compounds and poisoned foods! What are we going to do about this? How are Americans supposed to eat when there isn’t any food to buy because nothing in the grocery stores are actually food?

By the way, next time you go to the grocery store, look at all your stuff! All the ketchup, even the “100% Natural” ketchup which doesn’t contain corn syrup (most ketchup is not really ketchup but just high fructose corn syrup!), but even this “natural” ketchup has “Natural Flavors” AKA MSG!

And all the Salad Dressing also has MSG – and it’s not even hidden, it clearly says “Monosodium Glutamate” (that’s what MSG stands for) right there on every bottle of salad dressing! I checked every single brand of Ranch dressing and walked away without buying any ranch because all of it has MSG blatantly written out on there, and some ALSO have Natural Flavors (MSG) and other MSG alternatives as well! I was shocked, I only thought Chinese food had MSG, but here I discovered it is in EVERYTHING!

No wonder I can’t put down the bag of chips, and eat tons of ketchup and salad dressing, and can’t stop eating the peanuts once I pick it up! No wonder – it all has poisonous excitotoxins (MSG and similar) tricking my brain into thinking I want more and more and more!

By the way I strongly recommend to check out the post written by Food Babe which talks all about now “Natural Flavors” is just a hidden name for MSG and other MSG alternatives. There are also many other articles you can find which confirm this fact.

Chemical Warfare with “Natural Flavor”, by Food Babe

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