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Race Statistics & Growth Of Whites vs Nonwhites In The United States 1940-2020

After attempting to research race data and population for the United States, unfortunately I encountered many mainstream websites and news sites with false data and false statistics, such as one that said the US was 65% white in 1950, when the real number was about 90% white. As a result, I spent many hours researching the official census records to come up with the... read more

Studies Prove That Tattoos Give None Of The Social Benefits But All Of The Risks

Primarily due to the advent of the internet and the ease by which people can communicate and advertise though social media, tattoo marketers have become increasingly successful at marketing and propagating their message. This message says, "get a tattoo, it's cool". What does this message mean though, and does it deliver? The message implies that a somehow, some way,... read more

The Job Market & The Dating Market Are Remarkably Similar With Unreasonable Expectations & Similar Outcomes

The job market and the dating market have some remarkable similarities when it comes the the unrealistic expectations of employers and the ridiculous requirements for dating prospects that girls have of guys. Similarly as well, the results (consequences) of such unreasonable expectations are similarly abysmal. The difference, though, is that employers can get their act... read more

Why Women Should Get Fit But Not Too Muscular In 2018

It's true. America has an obesity epidemic. The culprit, contrary to popular belief, is not a lack of exercise (although that contributes some), but rather poor nutrition and dangerous diets (like low-fat which actually causes weight gain, counter-intuitively). Still, it is good for people with a sedentary lifestyle to exercise on a regular basis. It is good for your... read more

Should You Give To The Starving People In Africa? Here’s The Truth About Foreign Aid

First let me preface with this: If you are just a tightwad looking for an excuse not to help people in need, this article is not for you. But if you are a compassionate person with a heart breaking for the people around the world struggling and suffering and starving, this article is for you - especially if you are not a member of that country or even... read more

There Is Actually No Such Thing As A Midlife “Crisis”

The term "midlife crisis" is a misnomer. This is because it is not a real thing. It was invented by condescending, misandrist (male-hating) feminists with a distorted view of reality and the nature of humanity. And most importantly, a completely ignorant and distorted view of human men - not the fictional men in the liberal fantasy paradigm of gender "equality". First... read more

Stop Doing Cardio! Aerobic Cardio Does Not Improve Health Or Fat Loss

I have known for some time that studies have shown that HIIT - that is, High Intensity Interval Training - has been proven to be not only as effective, but in fact dramatically more effective than distance cardio, and in a much shorter time with much less frequency. Studies have shown that only 20 seconds high intensity training (such as sprinting or going all-out on... read more

Be Healthier And Save Time And Money On Food & Cooking With An Effective Freezer Meal Strategy

Short on time but want to eat healthy? Many people in today's super busy world want to eat healthy, but end up just ordering out, because cooking is too time-consuming and tiring for their busy schedule. With an effective freezer meals strategy, you can make fast food or boring microwave meals a thing of the past. One of the biggest challenges with eating healthy is... read more

Top 5 Reasons College Graduates Can’t Find A Job In America – And What You Can Do About It

Despite low "official" unemployment numbers, most real Americans are unemployed and unable to pay their bills or rent. This is even despite spending 4 to 6 years at a university to get a "degree". What is it so hard, even impossible for you to find a job? Let's look at the top 5 sociological reasons which it's nearly impossible for you to find a job in America even if you... read more

Would You Still Eat Fast Food If Restaurants Were This Honest About The Consequences? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today I drove past an ice cream place, and of course commercial ice cream is heavily laden with high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, MSG, and any number of other dangerous and toxic chemicals. I thought to myself, "every time you eat there you're basically losing time off the end of your life". So I got the idea to make this infographic. While... read more