There Is Actually No Such Thing As A Midlife “Crisis”

The term “midlife crisis” is a misnomer. This is because it is not a real thing. It was invented by condescending, misandrist (male-hating) feminists with a distorted view of reality and the nature of humanity. And most importantly, a completely ignorant and distorted view of human men – not the fictional men in the liberal fantasy paradigm of gender “equality”.

First let’s take note that this is not a negative article. This article is not intended to bash the feminists, although, that is generally a natural consequence of speaking anything that is in the realm of logic, reality, and sanity. Instead, I hope to encourage men to see a view of reality that is truth, and not distorted by liberal fictions twisting reality out of proportion to denigrate and emasculate every even marginally successful male.

Now, I am not even close to middle-aged yet (so liberals have no ability to say that I some complex or some other nonsense), but, I have enough years of intense education and studying of psychology, sociology, philosophy, and politics that I can understand the reality of humanity – and in a way that is somewhat unique and rare in today’s society in the sense that I have been able to break free from the brainwashing of liberalism, after years of recovery.

First of all, let’s take a look into the mind of a male from the teenage years through early adulthood. From a child, he is being taught that he is inferior, that somehow his natural inclinations are “oppressive”‘ or part of the “patriarchy”. Feminists all over the news and media constantly denigrate all males and attempt to manipulate the natural tendencies of humanity through lies and deception.

Now, most guys grow up enjoying guy things, and often, this includes being persuaded by the media to want fast cars, big houses, and nice things. Unlike women – that is, non-brainwashed women who act like women and not men – men derive meaning and fulfillment from life largely through achievement, success, and a passion for their work and hobbies. Women, on the other hand, naturally have a tendency to derive fulfillment out of deep emotional connections, and not so much out of success or achievement.

It is not to say that men don’t need emotional connection, nor that women don’t desire some level of success in life – it’s just that the placement of these values largely differ from men to women. Men tend to derive value from the tangible, and women from the intangible. While a man can gauge the status of his life by his job, tangible achievements (including sports, work, and even hobbies), wealth, and other tangible items; women on the other hand tend to derive their fulfillment from intangible items like a successful marriage, closeness to their spouse or boyfriend, and their social status among their friends and community. There is some crossover of course, because we live in a dynamic world; but the fundamental principles remain fixed and absolute in all humans.

Even though there are women who are in a position of power, for example, they do not feel fulfilled in the same way. Also, even though a man may have accepted an unnatural position of life, having bent to the intense societal brainwashing (such as being a stay-at-home dad, for example), the reality is that no man is truly happy in such a position (though they may have some momentary happiness which is actually laziness, they do not feel truly fulfilled in the absence of actual achievement); and no woman is truly happy in the position of power in a relationship. This is evident by the obvious fact that the largest divorce rates in the world are in the most “feminized” societies with forced unnatural gender roles.

So, back to the male mind from the teenage years. He grows up being taught to desire and crave success, and tends to gauge his success in life by his tangible status and possessions. For example a man denigrated to drive a minivan to a dead-end job making 10 dollars an hour at walmart, will not feel successful in life, no matter how great his marriage is (which is unlikely in such a position) or how great his kids turned out (also unlikely without a strong father figure). Meanwhile, a man who has a string of turbulent divorces will still feel very successful in life if he makes 6 figures and drives an expensive sports car, and lives in a very nice house (although the lack of a feminine woman in his life will take its toll).

The whole term “midlife crisis” is intended to mean something like a “momentary lapse of sanity” in which a man with a seemingly “normal” life (to feminists and brainwashed liberals who falsely believe a dreaded 9-5 job making just over minimum wage is perfectly “normal”) decides to buy an expensive car or some other status symbol. To feminists and brainwashed liberals, this seems unnatural, because the man is expected to have “realistic expectations” of life (realistic only to misandrist feminists and brainwashed liberals with a distorted view of reality), and “accept his place” as an emasculated, pathetic, unfulfilled, unsuccessful (from any true meaning of the word), meat bag who only exists to wait hand and foot, sobering stupidly at the beck and call of his woman like a mindless dog.

In reality, what is going on to cause some men to have the guts to actually take what they want in life, is much, much different that the fictional reality in the deluded minds of feminists and brainwashed liberals. Here is what is really going on:

Men tend to mature much slower than women. Also, because of the reality of the true nature of gender roles, men tend to seek success and career, something that is appealing to women. Growing up, they are brainwashed (by advertising and marketing) to believe that the expensive car and other status symbols are the realization of success in life. As a result, men (real men) tend to work hard over their lives to reach a level of success; and achieving these status symbols simply becomes the physical manifestation of their years of earning wealth and power.

It often takes many years for a man not born into riches to achieve such success, especially due to the emasculating culture of a feminist society. The man needs to get old enough to realize he has been brainwashed all the years of his childhood, and begin to take control of his life and reverse the brainwashing, and become a real man. Unfortunately, there is little outside help (if any), and he must go against what everyone around him says and trust his own mind and brain and body rather than the brainwashed masses. It can take some time for this to occur, and it is usually by his mid-20s before he starts to really begin to understand what is going on in the world around him and his life that is causing him to feel so dissatisfied in life.

A man must go against what everyone around him says and trust his own mind and brain and body rather than the brainwashed masses.

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The pharmaceutical industry just calls it “depression” (there are many sources of this fictional disease, all of which are natural), and tries to suggest that medication is the cure. However, deep inside he knows that can’t be right. The truth is, that his failure thus far to achieve what a man should naturally achieve in life is the primary cause of this profound dissatisfaction in life.

Some men, the ones who never “have” a midlife “crisis”, submit to this emasculation and become losers in life, pathetic excuses for men, who get walked all over by everyone – their boss, their wife, and their kids, if they are so lucky.

Other men rebel against this. They reject the notion that life is supposed to be nothing more than indentured slavery to eat, crap, have sex, and sleep, rise, and repeat. They decide, somewhere around their mid 20’s to mid 30’s, they must make a change. This just isn’t working. After rejecting the popular feminist prevailing notions in life, they begin to undo and reject the misandrist programming that is telling them they are worthless dogs destined to sit at the feet of a glorious insane authoritarian woman.

Some do it outright, while others begin to change their view and outlook secretly, afraid of the consequences of revealing their newfound knowledge and confidence of truth and reality to the brainwashed friends and family around them. The ones who hide it until they cannot resist any longer are the ones where it seems like a “total surprise” to their brainwashed wife and family and friends when suddenly they show up in a bright and shiny new sports car instead of the 30 year old hunk of junk with the bumper falling off that they drove for so many years.

The truth is that the so-called “midlife crisis” is no crisis at all – it is actually just the natural timeframe in which a man acquires enough money to afford the status symbols that he has been taught from childhood are the realization of success. By the 40s, or even 50s, most men who are ever going to be able to, will finally have developed enough life knowledge, financial stability, money, and power to buy these status symbols.

And so, to the horror of their brainwashed feminist wife and friends, they buy it, perhaps even without “asking permission” like a good little dog slave. And feeling so successful and fulfilled with the actualization of a tangible item to show them their level of success, they may even reject the angry feminist wife’s insistence that he return this “egregious waste” (although a feminist will probably be unfamiliar with such bourgeoisie terminology and may simply resort to mindless screaming and ranting, or even the silent treatment). She simply doesn’t understand, because her entire view of reality is completely twisted into a delusional fictional feminist fantasy.

While a guy in his 20s and early 30s, who still feels like a teenager and is just beginning to grow his wealth and career, might want that new exotic sports car, few have the good fortune, circumstances, or ability to resist the feminist programming in order to achieve the level of success to buy that new Ferrari or Lamborghini. This is increasingly prevalent among the millennial generation – many of whom may still live at home, and haven’t really achieved anything yet (if they ever do).

Meanwhile, the men in their 40s and 50s have decades of experience, financial trial and error, and time to save more and grow their careers to higher levels than their 20s/30s counterparts. As a result, the men considered “middle age” (usually around 45+), are far more likely to have the money to buy the status symbols to express to themselves, and others, their success in life.

No one ever says that a 20 year old driving a sports car is having some sort of “crisis”. No, the way to denigrate and emasculate the successful 20s/30s guy is to say that he must be a “spoiled rich brat” or some other misandrist insult – almost always which are untrue (almost all the millionaires in America today are actually self-made). Since you can’t call a 40s/50s man a “spoiled rich brat”, the feminists had to come up with another term to denigrate and emasculate men and “put them in their place” as pathetic, worthless excuses for human beings (in the eyes of feminists). So, they call it a “midlife crisis”.

When brainwashed people and feminists say a man is having a “midlife crisis” by buying an expensive toy, what they are really saying is this: “How dare you man act like a man! How can you dare to actually do and take what you actually want in life! How dare you! Don’t you know that you are supposed to grind away your life at the beck and call of a woman who even denies you sex, the one remaining thing you could get out of your worthless marriage? Don’t you know you’re always supposed to color in between the lines and always do what you are told? Don’t you know, you pathetic worthless excuse for a human, that you aren’t allowed to go and actually be happy and do what you want in life? Don’t you know that this isn’t “proper” in a delusional man-hating feminist society like this one? Don’t you know you are supposed to be like a dog at home and like a slave at what passes for “work”? Don’t you know, you worthless man? You stupid person? Don’t you know you aren’t allowed to be a real man, and you aren’t allowed to be happy?”

In reality, it is not a crisis. A correct way to put it is, “successful man who finally reached a level of success to meet his desires which he worked all these years to achieve.”

Granted, not all men who buy the status symbols can actually afford it. They may resort to using a credit card or financing it in an amount they cannot afford. However, this still is not a “crisis” of any sort. It is simply the man finally coming into grips with reality and recognizing this natural need for a tangible demonstration of wealth and power. Even if he cannot afford it, this is still actually a healthy first step in the right direction (although going into debt is never recommended). By taking a real, physical action that goes entirely against the feminist anti-male brainwashing, he has finally accepted at least on some level his reality as a man, not a sensitive, actionless feminine person or pathetic excuse for a human.

By taking a real, physical action that goes entirely against the feminist anti-male brainwashing, he has finally accepted at least on some level his reality as a man.

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In fact, this is healthy on many levels, because the joy that a man will experience from submitting to his natural male inclinations – in this case, the need for a tangible realization of his masculinity to counter the denigrating, condescending misandrist delusional attitude of society that has been bashing him down and keeping him from the success and fulfillment in life he truly craves – this joy has the potential to give him some power to transition from a passive, pathetic man into an action taker. And this physical realization of his potential can help to finally spur him to be a real man, and work toward what he really wants in life.

Therefore, there is truly no such thing as a “midlife crisis”. When a man, seemingly suddenly, buys some expensive status symbol at middle age, this is not a “crisis” or unnatural in any way. In fact, it most certainly is not sudden. This decision was years in the making, and a begrudging and distaste for life has been gnawing away at him for a long, long time, because he did not feel fulfilled in life acting out the feminist fantasy with no money, no power, and nothing to tell him he is a man, a person with inherent, natural power in his heart, his mind, his very soul.

And to the actually successful men, it is simply the natural timeframe in which a man has been able to gain enough money, power, status, and career success to finally buy the status symbols he has craved since a child to show he is successful in life and to give him tangible fulfillment that he can see, touch, and feel – and not just on balance sheets.

So I hope this helps you, whether you are a middle aged man now; or even a young man, to prepare yourself for the realization of the future. It may even help some actually open-minded liberals who are not totally closed-minded misandrist and utterly deluded anti-male bigots (it’s amusing how the liberals like to call others bigots when they themselves are the worst offenders), to help them to see truth into the nature of reality, and the true reason why some men buy expensive toys later in life. It is not a crisis, not a dilemma, not a problem, not an illness, not a temporary lapse of sanity, nor necessarily a lack of judgment.

In fact, a middle-aged man having the guts to buy an expensive toy (although I an not advocating doing so if they cannot afford it – be wise), is likely to seriously spice up their marital sex life and help their marriage to grow stronger – unless of course the woman is a truly insane, brainwashed, misandrist, authoritarian lunatic, in which case there wasn’t any hope for a happy marriage in the first place. The reason for this newfound marital passion is because by taking an action, especially a major action toward something they crave, a man is being a man, not a passive loser who does whatever they are told. This rebellion against the prevailing feminist culture, this branching out and taking what they desire, this is strongly appealing to women (because it reveals the confident, true nature of a man, which is always appealing to non-insane and non-deluded women), and may even help motivate him to reach true success in life, whether or not the status symbol itself is an actual reflection of his level of success in life.

While on one level, one could argue that in some cases, the years of endless emasculation has driven him temporarily insane – the reality is that it is only “insane”, from an insane feminist perspective. In other words, all those years believing the brainwashing and fictional feminist idea of [anti-]masculinity – that is the true insanity. To have a radical shift in the other direction, the other direction from insanity: this is actually sanity. Therefore this “insanity” is actually moving in the direction of real sanity – true masculinity – and this is only considered “insane” from the perspective of insanity – feminist insanity.

Put another way, the temporary insanity from a world of insanity is really a moment of sanity and clarity about the reality that their years living a pathetic unfulfilled existence is true insanity. Thus, this radical decision to take what he wants in life is actually a moment of true sanity in the midst of an insane culture and otherwise meaningless existence. And this, this is certainly healthy, and a very good thing.

The temporary insanity from a world of insanity is really a moment of sanity and clarity about the reality that their years living a pathetic unfulfilled existence is true insanity.

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