The Job Market & The Dating Market Are Remarkably Similar With Unreasonable Expectations & Similar Outcomes

The job market and the dating market have some remarkable similarities when it comes the the unrealistic expectations of employers and the ridiculous requirements for dating prospects that girls have of guys. Similarly as well, the results (consequences) of such unreasonable expectations are similarly abysmal. The difference, though, is that employers can get their act together at some point and learn from their mistakes. Women can learn from their mistakes, but by then, they have aged and lost their SMV, and it’s too late. They gave up their chances at an actually good guy.

Unrealistic requirements by employers on the job market

Employers often have some ridiculous expectations. For example, here is a great article which mentions requirements like “5 years of experience for a $25,000 salary” or “engineering graduates with strong graphic design skills” – which, if you weren’t aware, is extremely unlikely. This is because an engineering student is unlikely to be an artist – since engineering focuses on the sciences than the arts or creativity. This is why an Engineer gets a Bachelor of Science (B.S.), not a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) and a theatre major likewise gets a Bachelor of Arts degree.

While engineering may take some minor creativity, in reality an artist is not likely to choose an engineering career. It’s akin to a mathematician with experience as a professional sculptor or painter. Isn’t going to happen. Why did the company ask for this? Because they didn’t want to hire both a graphic designer and an engineer, so they wanted to pay only one salary to a person who is highly skilled at both. Sadly, they will be very disappointed.

The likelihood that these engineers are also skilled graphic artists? Unlikely to say the least. People who are excellent, specialize. These guys are probably amazing engineers, but finding one who is also an amazing artist is extremely unlikely – probably 1 in 10 million. It’s not a bad thing. It’s how people were created.

Unrealistic standards of western women

The western dating market is very similar in this regard. Women in the west want handsome, wealthy, smart, extremely fit, great career, has it all together, a total renaissance man. Top top it off he must speak 3 languages, drive a porsche, be funny 24/7, creative, artistic, be both a feminist as well as a man who holds the door open and pays for all the meals (contradictory), buys them the perfect gifts on the perfect occasions, and a slew of other “deal-breaker” insane requirements. I saw “women in the west”, because normal, “un-liberated” women are not brainwashed into thinking in this crazy way.

Yet the employers (the girls in this case) want to pay an extremely low salary for the high level of job requirements. Likewise, western feminized girls want everything possible in a guy, even the impossible; but they aren’t offering much in return: they are fat, ugly, lazy, undisciplined, impoverished, often unintelligent – due to lack of use of the brain, not a lack of potential – they really aren’t giving anything in return.

And then they wonder why employers can’t find any good employees (why girls can’t find a “good man”), when the employer’s salary offerings (a western girl’s body, looks, personality, etc – by the way makeup doesn’t cover the embarrassingly bad looks due to neglect, it makes them uglier) is such low pay to the job-seeker (the girl is bottom-of-the-barrel quality, despite what third-wave feminists try to argue about like “fat is beautiful” and other insane fictitious nonsense).

It’s because they people employers actually want to hire (that western women want to date and marry) are the top-of-the-line people and know their worth, and no way will they lower themselves to such insulting standards. They’d rather go jobless (stay single) than insult themselves with such a ridiculously low salary for their experience (or low quality girl for the type of guy that they, by force of will, have made themselves into over many years of hard work and discipline).

Women want a rich young guy like the movies (but also somehow mature?). In reality, men usually get rich after 40 or 50. A young rich man is unusual, because it only happens by extreme luck (e.g. lottery), or inheritance. A young guy has a low SMV, an old guy has a high SMV. The opposite is true for women (young=high, old=low).

The consequences of unrealistic standards on job-seekers, and that women have of men

On a side note: it’s amusing how as a girl starts to age, she ends up dating a sloppy, fat, abusive, lazy, poor, ugly man who lives in his mom’s basement, because after all it’s better than her being alone for life, because at this point she’s over 30 and she’s realizing her dating options are sharply going down. No one is responding to her whorish messages for casual sex anymore, and she realizes that if she doesn’t settle for whatever she can get now, she’ll be alone for life.

80+ years is a long time to be alone (assuming a 110+ lifespan). Except now, it’s too late to get anything quality. Almost all the best 20-something guys are married, and the available quality ones won’t even think about dating an old fat ugly 30-something old woman with no remaining SMV (sexual market value) that reminds them of their mother – and not in her prime either. Ugh.

What she should have done is taken the normal guy 5 years ago, but after 25 all her options quickly spiraled down the drain. That guy won’t even think about her now that her SMV is nonexistent – and worse, because a guy after 25 improves their SMV, while a women loses it. So she has to settle for a lifelong loser or be stuck along forever. There is no more choice, her best years are gone. And no amount of makeup or plastic surgery can hide that fact.

The parallel is that as an employer gets desperate they are forced to accept liars who lied on their resume in order to achieve the impossible who ends up doing such a bad job or such a on-par job that in the end the company either loses a lot of money or goes bankrupt. What the employer should have done hired the average candidate with potential and paid them a fair wage.

“But they looked so good on paper!” Says every unreasonable employer. Then they complain when their expectations don’t match reality.

In fact, this part is very similar. For employees, the best ones may not start out the best out the door, but as they learn, grow, and mature, they become better and better. Likewise, a 20-35 guy who is still figuring out life may not seem like the “perfect” catch, but if he has potential, then in 10 years time he could actually become Mr. McDreamy. Sure, it’s not good to hope for radical change, but setting your expectations too sky high in the beginning is only going to make everyone disappointed. By employers undervaluing new employees and women undervaluing guys, all parties ultimately lose in the end.

It doesn’t work the other way around.

It doesn’t work the other way though. An employee can’t have unreasonable expectations of an employer, but the employer is not likely to offer them more than what they started out with. Whatever the company is when you are hired, is what the company will continue to be. On the other hand, whatever an employee is when they start, well they will likely be completely different in 10 years – for better or worse. For a good company that values them, for the better.

Likewise, it doesn’t work the other way in dating either. While a man will continue to grow and increase his SMV over time (gaining confidence, wealth, security, and other positive factors for men), the same is not true for women. With women, what you see it what you get and it will decline from there. You start with a hot, beautiful 23 year old and in 20 years she is a wrinkled, unattractive, mother-looking person with c-section scars, about to go into menopause and lose their sex drive, and a nearly nonexistent SMV (except in extremely rare cases). Worse, western women will likely be more feminized, aggressive, short-haired psychopaths that will divorce to take half their spouse’s income – and the kids.

Divorced woman wishes she was younger, but the truth is it’s too late. Her best years are long gone. She shouldn’t have passed up so many promising men and settled when it was too late to find a quality guy, because her SMV was too low and the best ones didn’t want her anymore. Her standards were too high.

p.s. how many men do you think are lining up to date the divorced woman above (answer: 0). Now how many women would be lining up if one of the same-aged men above (Gates, Buffet, Bezos) suddenly became available? Answer: women would be pouring out of the woodwork. Proof of the SMV relating to men and women.

Lessons for employers to learn from this.

So what this means is that employees have to be extremely careful who they work for. The company and the salary probably won’t change much in the next 10 or even 30 years, if they last that long. But the employers need to be the flexible ones, understanding that without employees, a company dies, and understanding that employees are dynamic human beings that grow and change and improve in their skills and talent over time.

Even if you took a homeless person off the street and gave them a place to live and a good job and treated them like a human, in 10 years they would almost certainly be a thriving human being and productive powerhouse – ever grateful you brought them out of a life of hell and gave them a chance at prosperity. On the contrary, if an employee chooses a struggling company, it doesn’t work, they can look forward to hell day in and day out and ultimately unemployment. It doesn’t work both ways.

Summary: employers and woman need to be flexible and open-minded. Job-seekers and men should be the more selective ones; their long-term happiness and well-being depends on it.

Lessons for men and women to learn from this.

Likewise, it means that the men need to be extremely selective of their women, and make sure that in 10 years when they are no longer attractive, that it won’t be a total nightmare to live with them from day to day. Not to mention concerns about her divorcing him for his money. Because even though he may not be rich at age 25, by the time he is 40 or 50 he will likely have accumulated a house and quite a bit of wealth. With each passing day, he gains skill, knowledge, wisdom, confidence, security, wealth, and all the other things that make a man desirable.

However, women cannot be so selective in choosing a guy to date and marry, because it is them who are the ones losing their value. This is especially true in western society when women are no longer dependent on men in order to survive. They work and even demand to have the work to live just the same as men.

The truth is that a guy will do anything for his woman is she acts like a real woman and not a judgmental, overbearing, unreasonably picky and neurotic brat like most western women today. Instead, women need to tone it down and realize, and, yes, fear, the day when they have lost their chances at landing a good guy. They may want the perfect guy who is perfect right now, but they fail to realize that the perfect guy may not be perfect yet, and may not be until about 10 to 30 years from now, and then he will be truly perfect – as long as you appreciate who he really is as a human being, and don’t demand unreasonable terms in your relationship.

It’s amazing how closely the dating market really does parallel the job market. Even on really deep sociological levels, the parallel holds true. There is a lot we all can learn from this.

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