Hillary Clinton So Desperate For Even One Voter That She Makes Up Ridiculous Promises Like “Free College For Everyone”

Come on, didn’t we learn from Obama? When these idiots make ridiculous promises like “Free Healthcare” for example, what’s really going to happen is the price will triple! So much for “free” healthcare, because with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as ObamaCare, instead of getting “free” healthcare, now most of the country not only lost their doctors but they can’t even afford health insurance anymore because it has tripled in price or has gotten so expensive regular middle class families can’t even afford it!

What, are people really going to believe that Hillary Clinton is going to give “free college for everyone”? Haha yeah right! Pigs will fly long before that happens! Heck pigs will turn into flying firebreathing dragons and eat all the children before Hillary gives anyone “free college tuition”! Haha this is so ridiculous! That ridiculous statement is only a ploy to try to trick desperate college students who are burdened with debt due to the ridiculous price of college tuition into thinking “well maybe if I vote for her I’ll get free college?” Don’t even think about it!

hillary quote about democrats being stupid and easy to manipulate

First let’s talk about the fact that “college” has become a trillion-dollar profit machine for Big Government! And this is not even taking into account the absurdly high fees on student loans which can’t ever be discharged in bankruptcy! You really think that the gob’ment is going to give up those trillions of free dollars they earn steal which is almost 100% pure profit, all for absolutely nothing? Yeah right! Dream on! Don’t be fooled by this absurd and totally ridiculous lie!

So Hillary supposedly is saying that anyone with “families who make less than $125,000 per year”, well like over 99% of families in America don’t even make $50,000 per year! And that is combined income! So basically, Hillary is saying, “college free for everyone”! Yeah, just like healthcare is now free and no one has to pay for health insurance anymore, everyone can head over to the doctor’s office and get free medical care today, right? Yeah right!

So I just had to say something about this total scam by Hillary Clinton and such a ridiculously absurd lie that it’s hard to believe she would even say something so stupid. Then again, she is really stupid. This is how stupid Hillary thinks American voters are!

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