5 Things Muslims Got Right – And 5 Things They Didn’t

From the perspective of a non-feminist un-brainwashed logical human being, here are the top 5 things that Muslims got right, and the top 5 things they didn’t. Take the things they “got right” with a grain of salt though, because while in principle they may have got the idea right, the Muslim implementation usually includes cruelty, violence, and evil, which is obviously the wrong way to go about it.

5 Things Muslims Got Right

5 No Interest on Loans

Why it’s good One of the largest economic problems in America and the west are interest-bearing loans, condemned by the Bible. Zionist jewish banks were the cause of western culture adopting interest-bearing loan systems (European governments had previously condemned the practice of interest on loans, which is in fact usury – a crime punishable by imprisonment and even in some cultures death, and for good reason). As a result of this dangerous economic plague on society, many people will never be free of debt.

Without interest, banks would be far more reluctant to loan money, people would be more reluctant to buy something they could not afford, prices on items like college tuition, automobiles, houses, and other exorbitantly overpriced items would drop in price by 90% of more, and American’s spending problem with credit cards would quickly be culled, eliminating meaningless purchasing and exorbitant vain expenditures. Without interest, most of America’s economic problems would be solved virtually overnight.

Islam got this one right, as all interest is forbidden in Islam.

4 They memorize the scripture

Why it’s good Even though the Qur’an is a false book full of lies and detestable laws, Muslims do one thing right – many have memorized the entire book from front to back. Many Christians have no Bible verses memorized – and the ones who do probably don’t know any verses by heart except maybe John 3:16. This failure to read and learn the Bible is part of the reason why so many Christians are such terrible people, because they don’t know the Bible and therefore don’t know how to live a holy life.

3 Prayer life

Why it’s good Even though Muslims worship Satan (“Allah”) and not God, Muslims do one thing right religiously speaking – they have a strong prayer life which includes daily prayer and even routine group prayer. This is missing from the modern Christian faith and should be done as well. The Muslims, though misguided and serving a false god, indeed have a good prayer life and practice prayer faithfully. It’s just too bad Satan gets this reverence from Muslims yet God doesn’t get this reverence from Christians.

2 Submissive wives

Why it’s good This one is not exclusive to Islam, but at least feminism is absent from Islam. Feminism, like homosexuality, is a plague that causes severe harm to the society in which it is instituted. Never in history has there ever been institutions that have been as destructive as third-wave feminism, which began mere decades ago. While female oppression like the veil go a bit overboard, in general male-female relationships are far healthier in many ways in Islam than in the west.

Women in the west think it’s ok to deny their husband sex while at the same time demanding he can’t have it with anyone else either. (He shouldn’t have it with anyone else but she has no right to deny it, partly because of this.) This brainwashing is the result of modern third-wave feminism and the primary cause of the breakdown of the American family and the extremely high divorce rates.

Does this mean that wives are supposed to be the slaves and property of the husbands to be beaten and caged? Of course not (unlike Muslims who take it way too far), but somehow western women have been brainwashed to think that their normal submissive role like giving their husband sex or listening to his leadership is somehow subservience and oppression. Of course, “submission” never makes it ok for husbands to abuse their wives like beating or burning them, like some Muslims do because they are crazy evil.

1 Anti-lbgt

Why it’s good Homosexuality is a plague, and Islam’s strict harsh penalties – even death – are sufficient to stop this plague. America should also institute imprisonment and perhaps even the death sentence for repeat offenders.

Of course, the death sentence, unlike Islam, should not include beheading, murdering the families, and tearing out their entrails and hanging up their heads on a spike for decoration like the Muslims do. If the death sentence is passed it should be standard American procedure for similar crimes like serial killing – lethal injection, firing squad, or hanging. We don’t need to be brutal when passing sentence – death alone is punishment enough and a good enough deterrent.

This lbgt plague on society is so vicious and depraved and spreads so quickly that it must be stopped with the harshest of penalties. In addition to stopping the homosexual plague, lbgt propaganda, gender nonconformity (that is, mental illness), and other sexual depravity would be halted in an instant.

If you’re thinking of converting to Islam you better think again. While they got some things right, they got more things wrong. Islam is a plague on the world that is just as bad as the social and economic problems caused by the lbgt agenda, third-wave feminism, and usury.

5 Things Muslims Got Wrong

5 Deception & Lies – Taqiyya & Tawriya

Why it’s evil While Islam does not permit lying in general, it does permit lying and deception in certain situations and even encourages it in order to further Islam. Taqiyya means you can deceive and lie to anyone who is not a Muslim as long as the purpose is to further the agenda of Islam. Even saying “I never lie” is a permissible lie under Taqiyya. Therefore, you can never, ever believe a single word coming out of the mouth of any Muslim.

Tawriya means “creative lying”. For example a Muslim could say on TV that “we would never ever advocate killing any innocents”. This Muslim could be a terrorist themselves who loves to kill non-Muslims, but they would not consider what they said to be a lie. This is because what they mean when they said “innocents” was that non-Muslims are never innocent because they rejected Islam, and therefore deserve to die.

A Muslim will incur tawriya in order to manipulate and deceive people, while saying one thing but meaning something completely different. In this way, a Muslim will deceive and manipulate people into believing such lies like “Islam is a religion of peace”, when they really mean that by murdering all the non-Muslims eventually it will result in peace because they killed everyone who disagreed.

4 Hate your enemies and kill them

Why it’s evil Christianity teaches to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44-48). Islam on the other hand teaches the opposite, to kill enemies, and not even to make friends with non-Muslims but to murder all who reject Islam.

Qur’an 4:89 says, “They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks.”

While Christianity teaches to love your enemies and do good to them, Islam teaches to hate them and murder them, and even to murder friends who reject Islam. It doesn’t get any more evil than that.

3 Conquest by immigration

Why it’s evil The goal of Islam is to spread to the whole world. However, unlike Christianity which hopes to spread by the choice of people, Islam commands its followers to spread it by force. For this reason, Muslim leaders have always advocated for conquest – to take over a land and force it to become Muslim, at threat of death, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

This is exactly what is happening to Europe now, but not by war but by “Conquest by Immigration”. In the Middle Ages, the Muslims attempted to invade and take over Europe by force, but failed thanks to the valiant Crusaders who purged the Muslim plague from Europe, defending the people of Europe and allowing a peaceful continent for hundreds more years.

Since the Muslims failed to conquer Europe by force, now they have implemented the plan of tactical invasion by, quote: “taking advantage of weak liberal European leaders” and influencing them to change the laws to allow mass immigration invasion of Muslims into Europe. Now, Muslims outnumber native Europeans in much of Europe, and their conquest is nearly complete as they are working to change the European laws to Sharia law.

Soon enough, unless the plague is reversed and Muslims purged from Europe, Sharia law will become the law of Europe, native Europeans will be exterminated, and the entire continent will become a Muslim continent.

2 Miscegenation & Extramarital Rape

Why it’s evil As an extension of conquest by immigration, Muslim followers are commanded by their evil religious leaders to commit miscegenation and rape European women to have babies with them, so that they can destroy the European race through miscegenation. That way, all the mixed babies created through the evil of miscegenation (race mixing) will be Muslim and no longer European.

As if miscegenation was not bad enough because it is racial suicide, this is targeted ethnic cleansing – actual genocide – through miscegenation and rape even against the will of European women. They aren’t even bothering to brainwash them before genociding them, they just want to rape them to genocide them by force.

1 Terrorism & Extreme Violence

Why it’s evil As you can read in my other article about Zionists vs Muslims, every Muslim is a ticking time bomb – pun intended. Every single Muslim is a potential terrorist, because any Muslim who actually follows the Qur’an will indeed become a terrorist. Since the Qur’an actually commands terrorism, murder, and horrible violence, then any Muslim who is NOT a terrorist is a “bad Muslim”!

Qur’an 8:12 says, “[Allah] will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” The Qur’an teaches to torture, mutilate, and cut off the heads of all those who reject Islam. This is the reason why there are so many beheadings in the middle east. It is commanded by their evil false scripture.

Every Muslim who is a “good Muslim” who follows the Qur’an will become a terrorist. It is inevitable because it is exactly what the Qur’an teaches. This is why Islam is a plague on the world and why it is the only religion that is specifically responsible for almost 20,000 terrorist attacks and counting since the year 2000.

More attacks every year happen because more Muslims are actually reading the Qur’an and listening to the horrible things it teaches – and because they are breeding like a plague of black death.

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