Should You Give To The Starving People In Africa? Here’s The Truth About Foreign Aid

First let me preface with this: If you are just a tightwad looking for an excuse not to help people in need, this article is not for you. But if you are a compassionate person with a heart breaking for the people around the world struggling and suffering and starving, this article is for you - especially if you are not a member of that country or even... read more

There Is Actually No Such Thing As A Midlife “Crisis”

The term "midlife crisis" is a misnomer. This is because it is not a real thing. It was invented by condescending, misandrist (male-hating) feminists with a distorted view of reality and the nature of humanity. And most importantly, a completely ignorant and distorted view of human men - not the fictional men in the liberal fantasy paradigm of gender "equality". First... read more