Why Women Should Get Fit But Not Too Muscular In 2018

It’s true. America has an obesity epidemic. The culprit, contrary to popular belief, is not a lack of exercise (although that contributes some), but rather poor nutrition and dangerous diets (like low-fat which actually causes weight gain, counter-intuitively).

Still, it is good for people with a sedentary lifestyle to exercise on a regular basis. It is good for your heart, lungs, brain, immune system, youth, and longevity. This often means getting a gym membership. When a woman gets a gym membership and begins lifting weights – which is good, to some extent – she might be tempted to start trying to look like the buff and super toned girls on the internet.

She might even be tempted to get bigger biceps and defined abs. She might start lifting hard, and starting to really transform her body. But this is dangerous. And not for the reason you might be thinking.

The truth is that today in the West we live in a hyper-sexualized society. As a result of this problem, moral depravity has become rampant; and with culture protecting the push for lbgt agenda even with laws, more and more people are being deceived and tricked into an insidious and depraved lifestyle.

The reason why women should not get abs like men, wide shoulders, and big biceps, is because she is likely to be attracting men of questionable sexuality. Back in the 1950s, it wouldn’t have been a problem. There were really no closet men, and so any women who got man muscles had very slim pickings. If a woman got too muscular, she would begin to lose dating prospects, and begin to back off.

Can you say EWWW? Disgusting. Women should never look like this. This is just repulsive to look at. The more times I see it the worse it gets. Tattoos are gross too, but this whole girl is just gross. Don’t do this!

Today however, a woman is faced with a different problem. She is faced with the danger of dating a man who actually didn’t want to date a woman. She might be attracting a man who is morally and psychologically broken. She might be attracting a homosexual. And even worse, she might attract lesbos. Gross.

So if a woman doesn’t want to attract fags, she better watch out and not get man muscles. A thin, toned woman, even lightly defined abdominal section (lines on the side), are super attractive to a man. Especially when the majority of your competitors in the dating arena are overweight. But once she starts developing a defined six pack, wide shoulders, and big biceps, Houston, we have a problem. She isn’t going to be attracting men who want to date women. And any man who is broken and has unhealthy sexual desires is going to be extremely problematic for a relationship.

The super rare case might be if she wants to date a nasty-looking bodybuilder. I’m talking about the guys who look like they took too many steroids. The typical gym rat is fine, I am referring to the Ronny Coleman look. That’s just nasty. This type of man is so self-absorbed that he spends all his time getting bigger and more ripped. He won’t have time for you or the kids (if he can even have any with his shrunken testicles from all the ‘roids) cause he has to work out 10 hours a day to maintain that grotesque look.

But let’s be realistic. That is extremely rare; and in the rare cases that there may be a man like that, he’s got all the muscle girls vying for him. Because none of the muscle girls can get dates with normal men. What normal man wants to date a girl who looks like she can body slam him? Lol. Firm legs and butt are great. Big upper body on a girl is not.

Ok here is some perfect girl abs. Super hot. Any more will be too much but this is great. No “pack” just smooth lines. I photoshopped her shoulders to be less wide and removed a little definition. Now it’s perfect.

So girls, keep the weights low and the repetitions high – don’t push it, and don’t let yourself get a six pack. If you do, you’ve gone too far. There may be some men who like it, but again they may have questionable sexuality. Remember, any man in the closet will vehemently deny it. But most normal men don’t like women with man abs. When you can’t tell if it is a guy or girl by looking only at the waist area, you have a problem: she isn’t going to be attracting normal men.

Girls, stick to stability exercises, endurance exercises, and flexibility training. Instead of heading to the bench press, try mastering the split. Guys love that. I love even just thinking about a girl doing a split. Weights are ok, but stick to lightweight. You’re not trying to put on any size, just to get toned. Be fit, slim, and flexible. Lose weight not by exercise but by nutrition.

Exercise to gain endurance, a strong heart, strong lungs, and a more youthful appearance. Do this and you will attract any guy you want. A fit body can even compensate for less-than-average looks; and can even make you look younger – further increasing your prospects. It will also increase your happiness, making you further attractive to men. You don’t need muscles or a six pack. Just convince your man to get the big muscles if you want to see muscles on a daily basis. And most of all, have fun!

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