What is the Difference Between a “Radical” Extremist Muslim and an Extremist Jewish Person? | Muslims vs Zionists

There has been a rise in anti-Semitism, but it has been misplaced. To understand why this is exactly, one must understand the difference between a fanatical, extremist Muslim, and an extremist Jewish person. The fundamental difference is this: an extremist “radical” Muslim is a good, actually, excellent Muslim. Whereas an extremist Jewish person is in fact a very bad Jewish person.

What is meant by this? First, let’s recognize what is meant by an “extremist Jewish person”. An extremist Jewish person is a Zionist, essentially. It is the very small group of corrupted Jewish elite that control our banking system[1a] [1b] [1c], our media[2], and subsequently our entire world systems[3].

This is no conspiracy, this is fact. These Zionist elite are the richest people in the entire world. The Rockefellers, which is one of the richest families in the world, is Jewish, and they are Trillionaires[4]. Same with the Rothschilds. Not Billionaires but Trillionaires. Likewise, Jewish families control the U.S. Banking system[1b], the U.N., all the media conglomerates and news stations[2], even social media and major internet entities including Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, MySpace (although obsolete) and eBay[5]. Mark Zuckerburg, the owner and thief of Facebook, is Jewish, by the way (although by religion he is atheist)[6].


The Rockefellers and Rothschilds are worth trillions, not just billions.

Additionally there has been a rise in extremist Zionist Jews, a group of non-elite Jews that are still part of the non-Jewish and unbiblical Zionist extremist movement. These people are just as bad as the western liberals that are corrupted to their core and brainwashed into a totally destructive and evil agenda. However, the buck stops there; these may be a group of evil or just brainwashed and corrupted people, but are not representative of the Jewish faith[7] any more than modern liberalism is representative of core American values (modern liberalism is the opposite of true American values, at its heart anti-American[8]).

The rise in anti-Semitism, especially among the opposed whites in white countries, is misplaced because it is a blanket statement to all Jewish people, as well as the Jewish faith. Anti-Semites attack even the core fundamentals of the Jewish faith, including the Bible and even the Judeo-Christian roots of Christianity. In fact, this is where Zionism, anti-Semitism, and Muslims all agree on: attack Christians and the Christian faith[9].

People should not place these distaste toward the elite Zionists on all Jewish people. After all, Jesus himself was Jewish by ethnicity[10a] (although he was Christian and not Jewish by religion[10b]). So while it is correct to place much of the European and American problems onto Zionist Jews who are the moving forces behind these catastrophic movements[11], it is not the blame of the rest of the Jewish people.


Anti-Zionist Jewish activists hold up signs expressing their true beliefs.

Why? Because the reality is that the Jewish faith, which is founded on the Bible, is completely contrary to the ideologies and actions of the Zionist elite[7]. In short, the Zionists are “bad Jews”. They are not following the laws commanded by God in the Bible, but rather they are following their own corrupted agendas which are completely contrary to the Bible and what God wants[7]. As a result of this diametric opposition between Zionism and the Jewish faith, even the Jewish people have their own anti-Zionist activists, as shown in the picture above.

Conversely, let’s talk about the Muslims. Extremist, radical Muslims are “good Muslims”[12]. So-called “good Muslims” are Terrible People. Good Muslims are instructed by their false god, Allah, also known as Satan or Lucifer (“Halal” is the name for Lucifer in the Bible)[13], through their false scripture, known as the Qur’an[13] (pronounced “Koran”), to kill with maximum discrimination all people who do not accept and submit to the Muslim faith[14]. In fact, the Qur’an contains 109 verses commanding violence against everyone who is not Muslim and refuses to accept it[14]. This is why Muslims become what we know as “terrorists” – they are commanded by their false scripture the Qur’an to become terrorists[14]. They are being excellent Muslims.

The whole goal of Islam is to convert everyone and “kill the infidels”[14] – that is, kill everyone who does not accept Islam. That is practically the definition of terrorism. That is why Muslims become terrorists – they are only becoming “good Muslims”. Their false prophet Mohammed (cursed be his name) wanted every Muslim to become a terrorist[14]. In order for any Muslim to follow the evil Muslim religion correctly, they must become a terrorist because Islam commands to convert everyone and kill all those who will not convert[14].

So this is the fundamental difference between extremist Muslims and extremist Jews. Extremist Muslims are being excellent Muslims as their false god and false scripture commands[13]. This makes them really bad people because their false scripture the Qur’an, inspired by Satan the Master Deceiver[13], is an evil and hateful, despicable piece of literature.


“Good Muslims” following their evil religion like it was meant to be followed.

On the other hand, there are the Zionist extremist Jews. Extremist Zionist Jews are not Jews by religion[15]. They are only Jews by heritage. Biologically, they are Jewish. But religiously, they have strayed far from the path, they are in direct opposition to God and the Holy Bible, the true Jewish scripture, the Torah[15]. The Torah is just the first 5 books of the Christian Bible[16]. If these Zionist Jews would actually follow the Bible, they would in fact no longer be Zionist extremists, but instead they would be good people again. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to happen, since, in the words of the famous English Catholic historian John Dalberg-Acton, “absolute power corrupts absolutely”[17].

So people who are being turned against the Jewish people by anti-Semites need to stop and think closely about what they are doing and what they are thinking and what they are saying. The Jewish people are not a bad people in general. The majority of Jews have nothing to do with white oppression; it is the Zionists, that is, the Jewish Supremacists, who work toward the destruction of white countries, not the rest of the Jewish people[18]. No, this is only in the hands of a few Zionist globalist elite, a few severely corrupted people who have strayed far from their original faith[7].

The blame is on these elite few, not on the whole of Jewish people. The enemy is the Muslims, the followers of Satan[13], and the few Zionist elite and perpetrators of multiculturalism and diversity in white countries[19]. Whereas the Muslims as an entire religion is evil and rotten to the very core, and therefore the entire Muslim faith can be called truly evil[12], and the extremist Muslims (“good Muslims”) even worse and more despicable; on the contrary the entire Jewish faith is not evil, but only a few Zionist extremists. The rest of the Jewish people do not deserve the criticism given to the few Zionist elite[18].

On the flip side, the Muslims who are not terrorists are being “bad Muslims”, and there is a constant risk they can all, every one of them, become “good Muslims” which are terrorists, evil depraved people out for blood. Conversely, every Jew who is not a Zionist is a “good Jew” who is following their religion. The chances that any Jew can be radicalized to become a Zionist is small, because to do so would be to deny the Jewish faith. However, the chances that any Muslim can be radicalized to become a terrorist is just the natural progression of the evil Muslim faith.


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Disclaimer: I am a 100% Caucasian European-American Christian. I am not Jewish at all, so this post is not tainted by any Jewish or Zionist interests.

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