Disney’s Maleficent (2014) Movie Review | Is It Really Filled With Evil Occult Symbolism?

When I first watched Disney’s sleeping beauty type story, “Maleficent”, I must admit that I thought it was a good, innocent children’s story. At least part of the story is derived from the original Disney “Sleeping Beauty” (1959) children’s movie, but what lies sleeping beneath the surface of Maleficent is anything but a children’s movie.

Little did I know that to my horror the movie is filled with occult symbolism, even on the cover of the movie. This includes Moloch, Satan, and occultic owls. As a segue, there is a reason that an owl is used as a thematic character in the Harry Potter series – owls are an occultic symbol associated with magic and witchcraft. Even the definition of the word “maleficent” is evil, meaning, “to do harm or evil.”


You might not be aware, but the horns that are atop Angelie Jolie’s character, are in fact the horns of a demonic creature called Moloch, which is a demonic false god which has been worshiped for millennia by many cultures. Moloch, also called Baal, is the idol which demanded child sacrifices. This is the same creature (the golden bull / golden calf) which was being worshiped by the ancient Israelites when Moses was on the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments from the hand of God.

It is quite shocking to realize how much Maleficent is filled with demonic, satanic, and occultic signs, symbols, and imagery, and it is even embedded deep into the very storyline. The entire movie itself is based off a pagan tale called “Sun, Moon, and Talia“. That Italian pagan tale was the original origins of Sleeping Beauty, although the original 1959 version had rewritten it in a Christian context.


I had no idea that the seemingly innocent creatures portrayed in Maleficent, and yes, even the very story itself, was of entirely pagan and even demonic and satanic origin. What is crazy is that I just thought of the movie as a fantasy movie (genre), but in reality it is very clearly trying to blur the lines between good and evil to twist, warp, and corrupt the minds of impressionable young children.

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