Missouri Now 12th State To Allow Concealed Carry Of Guns Without A CCW Permit or Registration

Missourians can now concealed carry without a permit.

What does this mean? No registration if purchased from a private party. You can carry your gun concealed without having to inform Big Brother in any way. The government doesn’t even have to know you own a gun, and if a situation arises, no need to provide a “permit”, no need to provide a “license to carry”, no need to provide “papers” like “gun registration” documents. It’s assumed you have the right, no questions asked. Any citizen in Missouri and these other 10 states can carry a gun, concealed.

States Allowing Concealed Carry Without A Permit

Missouri is now the 12th state to allow no-permit concealed carry. The other states as of March 2017 include, Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. How, almost a quarter of the country (24%) allows concealed carry without a permit.

Image courtesy of NRA-ILA Gun Laws

Missouri Gun Laws

Missouri has one of the best gun-protecting rights laws in the country. Firm stand-your-ground laws, that is, you do not need to flee from a criminal, you can shoot them if they attack; firm castle doctrine, which means if someone enters your home unauthorized (such as a burglar) you have a right to shoot them dead.

You can own shotguns, pistols, all kinds of weaponry. No license required, no permit required, no registration required. The citizens have more rights than the criminal (as it should be).

In practice? This means that criminals will think again in Missouri before trying a mugging or burglary. If a criminal knows that any ordinary citizen could be packing, secretly, even if they are a nonconformist, and if they know they have a right to be shot dead if they trespass, or even if they try to mug the citizen, they will really think again before attacking a citizen.


As a result, crime rates are much lower. The law does not afford criminals the right to rob and burglarize without serious, often fatal, consequences. So this keeps them in line. Moreover, Missourians are much more likely to be well-trained and well-practiced in using a gun, as well as more likely to pull a gun and shoot a criminal dead who threatens them. That will make those criminals think again before attacking a Missourian.

And now with the ability to concealed carry without any permit or checks whatsoever, Missourians are even more protected.

Restrictions On Concealed Carry In Missouri

There are some restrictions to be noted: you cannot enter government buildings, banks, or places of business that have a sign “no guns allowed”, while carrying a firearm. Other places of business should be okay, but use caution as you may not have seen the notice or not realized it was a government building.

Also, if you purchase from a licensed gun dealer, there will still be a background check, but no registration. This does not apply to private sales, which do not require a background check.


Additionally, you can’t carry your gun concealed without a permit across state lines. Once crossing the state line, you are subject to that state’s gun laws. Of course, Missouri borders Kansas which also does not require a concealed carry permit, so it should be okay to go back and forth between Kansas and Missouri.

Overall, this is another great sign that our country is headed in the right direction.

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