Would You Still Eat Fast Food If Restaurants Were This Honest About The Consequences? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today I drove past an ice cream place, and of course commercial ice cream is heavily laden with high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, MSG, and any number of other dangerous and toxic chemicals.

I thought to myself, “every time you eat there you’re basically losing time off the end of your life”. So I got the idea to make this infographic.

While the infographic below is not actual numbers and is intended for emphasis, my point is made. For each fast food you eat, you are basically selling the restaurant part of your life. If you continue, you will not be able to get that time back and your life will be cut short.

Of course, the same applies to every fast food and even most if not all restaurants. It also applies to most of the stuff in almost every aisle of the grocery store, especially much of the frozen meals, snacks, sodas, processed meats, and bakery sections. But due to lack of time I just picked out one of the worst, McDonald’s, and made the infographic.

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