Why Many Western Men And Women Have Difficulty Dating And Staying Happily Married

There is a problem in Western society, and it has a simple cause yet one that is widely unknown. Western men have problems dating, and western women can’t stand many western men, but neither really knows the real reason why.

I am about to tell you a secret that is so simple and easy that it can transform your life, but it may make you angry that this secret has been hidden from you for your whole life. The secret is rooted in the brainwashing of gender roles which has its roots in feminism.

The feminist culprits behind the problem

For decades, weird ugly feminists have been seeking to transform gender roles so that they can continue to be weird and ugly and still be socially accepted. The feminists I am referring to are those called “butch”, often lesbians, with short hair, obese, and do not take care of themselves.

They wear shirts too short, pants too tight, often have multicolored hair and sometimes are covered in tattoos and piercings (I am not condemning piercings or multicolored hair which is cool sometimes, in moderation, but weird feminists take it to a new level of weirdness). They have no sense of style, and haven’t worked out a day in their life. They sit at home eating cheetos and ho-hos while talking to their lesbian friends about how much men suck and how they all need to be eliminated from the planet.


These are the feminists who have transformed western culture, confusing gender roles and making it really difficult to date. They are behind the stereotype of men who are obnoxious to be around and the kind of guy that gets a drink splashed into his face when he says something stupid.

However, it isn’t his fault. The problem is that he was brainwashed into a fictional, feminist view of the world, and as a result he thinks that the way he is acting is what it is supposed to be like – he just can’t figure out why it isn’t working. And women who constantly go on dates with these men wonder, “are there any good guys left”? And, “why are men such jerks?”

The simple solution to the dating problem

There is a very simple solution to this, but after understanding the solution, it could take years to reverse the brainwashing that has caused so many problems in your dating life. This one ideology can be reversed, and you can actually begin having success with women again.

What is this solution? Here it is. In western culture we are brainwashed as men into believing that we have to be good looking and that we have to fight for the woman’s affections.

Think about it like a peacock. The male peacock has bright feathers. When mating time comes, the male peacock will prance around with his pretty feathers trying to attract the female peacock’s attention. If he does well enough, the female peacock will choose him as her mate.

Weird ugly feminists want western men and women to believe that this is how humans are supposed to act. Male humans are brainwashed from an early age with billboards of men with abs, and movies and television shows portraying this peacock dating ritual in which men are supposed to essentially prance around and try to capture the affection of the women.


The shocking secret that is making dating impossible

However, I have something shocking to tell you. Ugly feminist outcasts everywhere do not want you to know this secret. The reality, the great secret to the demise of western dating, is that humans have the opposite gender roles of peacocks.

In humans, females have the gender role of being the pretty, physically attractive gender who is the one who will shine her bright feathers to attract men. The problem in western society is that the men of our culture have been brainwashed into thinking they have that gender role.

So what happens is men think they have to constantly work out, and try to act cool, and try to be witty and funny, and trying so hard to gain the women’s affections. However, this utterly fails because human gender roles are the opposite of this.

Men are not supposed to be pretty and prance around. When men try hard to attract women, it fails because the female human is not attracted to a man behaving in a female gender role. In humans, the woman is the one who prances around looking pretty and trying to attract the male’s attention.


Understanding this rule can help you get success dating

Once you understand this fundamental rule, that women are the bright and pretty peacock and that men are the ones who are choosing, not the ones trying to gain the affection of women, everything falls into place.

Suddenly, everything makes sense. Men are really annoying when they are trying to act cool and pretty because they are acting in the female gender role, when that is really the woman’s role. When men act like that, it is unattractive and repulsive because it makes them feminine.

This then further creates more problems, all rooted in the same ideological delusion. Men think that because they are not 6-foot-5 and they do not have abs like the billboards, that they are not good enough for a pretty woman. They are brainwashed into thinking this, but it is not true at all.

Reversed gender roles cause even more problems

Men end up becoming 40 year old single balding video gamers in their parent’s basement and social outcasts when they are not prime male specimens as depicted by the media, even though in reality they are strong men who would otherwise have been prime dating material. They don’t know they are worthy of a beautiful woman because they are taught the opposite.

Moreover, you get the problem with men acting like needy, emotional women. Because the gender roles have been confused or ignored, these men have not been taught how to behave by a strong father, and they end up becoming needy, pathetic losers who can’t get a girlfriend because they are too emotional and needy and it is repulsive to women.

On the other hand, when a women is emotional and needy and helpless, this is attractive to a man. However, feminism teaches women they are supposed to have the male gender role, and be strong, not show emotions, not be vulnerable, and take high positions of power. All of these things are repulsive to men.


The “peacock effect”

All of these problems are rooted in feminism. It is the “peacock effect”, which I just came up with but I am sure others have thought of that before me. Men are taught to take on female gender roles, and females are taught to take on male gender roles, and as a result both sexes are repulsive to the other.

Not only is this brainwashing the culprit behind the difficulty in dating, but this social gender nonconformity as a result of feminism is also likely the number one reason why the divorce rates in America are the highest in all of history. Men are repulsed by “strong” masculine women, while women are repulsed by pathetic, feminine men. A marriage where gender roles are reversed just can’t last.

Conversely, it is clearly apparent that men are very attracted to weak, emotionally dependent women, while women are strongly attracted to strong, masculine men who are not trying hard to attract the woman but instead are fully confident in themselves.

It becomes ever so clear that the problem is that feminism has disrupted the gender roles, and the resulting way of living with reverse gender roles makes dating intolerable and marriage unbearable.


The problem is evident and quantifiable everywhere you look

Typically, gender nonconformity and feminist ideologies are held by liberals, while traditional gender roles are held by ultra-conservatives. Is it not any wonder then, that ultra-liberal areas of the U.S., such as the big cities in New York and California, have the highest rates of older singles in the world? And is it any wonder then that the ultra-conservative areas of the United States such as the Midwest, have the strongest marriages and the lowest rates of divorce?

In fact, it’s hard to find any eligible singles over the early 20s in the midwest; but it is near impossible to date the many eligible singles in liberal areas because they are intolerable. The root cause of this is reversed gender roles in liberal areas.

The solution to the problem

What is the solution? The easy solution is to remember the peacock effect. Remember that females are the bright peacock seeking attention, and human men are the other peacock, who are the choosers. Once men stop trying to act like the attractive peacock and stop trying to show off their bright feathers to the human women, everything falls in place.

And once women stop trying to buy into feminism, and stop trying to act self-assured and confident, she will discover how many men suddenly want her. She needs to remember which peacock she is. She should work out, look good (not with makeup, but naturally), lose weight, grow her hair long, and allow men to be men. She should stop condemning men for being a man, and stop trying to convince men to take on the female gender role.

Without the travesty of feminism and the media brainwashing, none of this would have happened. We need to come back from the gender hell that feminism has been trying to push on us. It clearly is not working! If you have ever been on a bad date, you will realize what I said is true when you really think about it. Or if you are over 25 and single, you will now know the reason why you can’t get a date.


You don’t need expensive dating programs to solve the problem

It can take years to undo the brainwashing; and expensive dating programs, if they work, will all be based off the same principle: traditional gender roles. The thing is, gender roles are embedded in your DNA. You do not need to buy any expensive dating programs. All you need to do is be honest with yourself about feminism and its deadly effects, and begin reversing all the lies caused by feminism.

Once you understand how feminism has been ruining your life, and once you understand the peacock effect and how humans are the opposite of peacocks, you can use this knowledge to gain great success in dating. However, since the brainwashing is deep, it may take years of hard work to undo the effects. You should also avoid all sitcoms, romantic comedies, and social television shows, because these only deepen the brainwashing. You need to break free.

If you are already married in a happy marriage where you almost never fight, this is because you have resisted the brainwashing and are conforming to traditional gender roles. But if your marriage is suffering, or if you are single and having a really hard time getting a second date, or even a first date, take a close look at yourself. Are you following feminism? I can almost guarantee you are. Once you reverse feminism, and men and women take on their appropriate gender roles, then everything will fall into place.

Remember the peacock effect; remember which peacock you are

The next time you are on a date, or in a fight with your spouse, remember the peacock. If you are a man, you should not be the bright show-off. You don’t have to try to be cool, and you should not be trying to fight for her affections. Be yourself, and let her be the one trying to gain your affections. When you stop trying so hard, you suddenly appear confident and strong, and this is attractive to women.

Couple or friends talking and drinking in a restaurant

If you are the female you should be the one prancing around, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and showing off your feathers, hoping the man chooses you. Stop expecting the man to act in female gender roles. Stop trying to force the man to be vulnerable, because you don’t actually want that, you have just been tricked to think you want that by feminism, but really you are repulsed by it. You can’t stand a weak, vulnerable, or overconfident man. An overconfident man is the one you call a “jerk”, and he is doing that because you forced him to, by expecting he pursue you, by treating him like trash, by not responding to his texts, etc. Stop that!

Stop trying to cut down the man, and stop trying to act masculine by trying to act strong and confident. Men hate that. A strong, confident, masculine woman is repulsive to a man. You wonder why he didn’t call you back? That’s why. If you don’t like to hear this, then you will continue being single for a long time.

Break free from feminist brainwashing, and everything will fall into place. Think about what you are doing, and make sure it conforms to traditional gender roles. When it does, you will have success in dating and marriage.

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