Today I Ate a Peach Seed and I Am Still Alive and Feel Great

Today I felt daring so I decided to eat a peach seed. Peach seeds (nuts) are great, they are a little bitter but taste a little like almonds+peach. At first the bitter is not a good taste but after a few seconds of chewing it’s pretty good.

At first I didn’t realize that the whole pit was not the nut you eat. A little googling and I realized that actually I was looking at the shell not the nut. It has a shell much like a walnut. You have to crack open the shell in order to access the nut.

I didn’t have a nutcracker since I don’t eat walnuts usually, but I took a hammer and cracked it open. It worked! Inside was what looked like an almond. It has a different texture though, it is softer to chew than an almond.

It was pretty good, after eating I felt a little rush and I feel energized. It’s a strange feeling.

“Inadvertent ingestion of whole seeds or pits is unlikely to result in acute cyanide toxicity.” -National Library of Medicine, NIH

Peach nuts contain Vitamin B-17, also known as amygdalin or laetrile (they are just other names but the same thing). This natural vitamin is known to help prevent cancer as well as fight it. According to Natural News, “Research has shown that laetrile induces programmed cell death in cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.” It is also rumored to have many other health benefits.

Amygdalin is also found in several other fruit seeds, including apple seeds, cherry seeds, apricot seeds, nectarine seeds, plum seeds, prune seeds, and pear seeds, all of which also contain amygdalin, aka vitamin B-17.

The FDA and pharmaceutical industries hate anything natural because they cannot profit from it. As a result, they spread lies over the years about how this thing is dangerous and poisonous. Although it’s true that peach seeds contain some form of cyanide (the reason it tastes kind of like almonds), the reality is that cyanide is misunderstood by most people. Cyanide alone in the form of hydrogen cyanide is poisonous and deadly. However, peach seeds do not contain this form, since it is not a naturally occurring form. Instead, the form of cyanide is actually the vitamin B-17, or amygdalin referred to above.

In studies, 500mg of amygdalin was administered three times a day, with no adverse effects. The reason is because of 500mg amygdalin, only 30mg of cyanide are released. Of this 30mg, only 1 to 5mg is in hydrocyanic form.

Also, each peach seed contains only 9mg of amygdalin, which equals 0.5mg of cyanide, and only 0.009 mg of hydrocyanide. A lethal dose of hydrocyanide is 50 to 300 mg for an adult. This means that in order to get poisoned by eating peach seeds, you would have to eat between 5,555 and 33,3333 peach seeds in one sitting. This is impossible, because the human stomach cannot contain even close to that many seeds.

See the research I used to come to this conclusion: National Library of Medicine, NIH: Amygdalin Toxicity. According to that site, “Inadvertent ingestion of whole seeds or pits is unlikely to result in acute cyanide toxicity.”

Let’s do the math. Assume each weighs 1 gram (an almond weighs 1.2 grams, for reference, so let’s say on average a peach nut weighs 1 gram).
5,555 grams = 12.2 lbs
33,333 grams = 73.4 pounds

So the likelihood that you could consume between 12 and 73 pounds of peach seeds is pretty much impossible.

Most people couldn’t even afford to buy enough peaches to be dangerous, not to mention being able to eat them.

But what about cost?

1 peach weighs about 3-4 oz. Let’s say 3.5oz
According to the USDA, in 2015 1lb peaches costs on average $1.59
$1.59 / 3.5 = $0.45 per peach

5,555 peaches @ ($1.59/3.5) = $2,523.56
33,333 peaches @ ($1.59/3.5) = $15,142.71

In other words, most people couldn’t even afford to buy enough peaches to be dangerous, not to mention being able to eat them.

And now let’s see how long it would take to open the peaches.
Assume you can open each peach and crack the nut and place it into a bowl in 45 seconds, because you are so speedy.

5,555 peaches * 0.75 minutes = 4,166 minutes or 69 hours or (69/16=) 4.3 days
33,333 peaches * 0.75 minutes = 24,998 minutes or 416 hours or (69/16=) 26 days

There is a problem with this. You know what it is? By the time you opened and cracked all these peaches, all the seeds would have gone bad and you couldn’t eat them, hence defeating the whole purpose.

So actually, it’s literally impossible unless:
1) you are rich or can afford thousands of dollars for all the peaches
2) you hire a team of people to crack and open them all
3) and then you still can’t eat enough because that’s 12 to 73 pounds of seeds and your stomach can only hold a fraction of it. Plus, your jaw would get too tired from all the chewing long before you even got close to a dangerous quantity.

It is impossible to be hurt from any level of cyanide from eating peach seeds.

And lastly, because it takes too long to chew them all, it is literally impossible to ever reach a dangerous level, because your jaw would be too tired to move after only a few hours of chewing. Then you’d have to take a break for a couple days to recover from a sore jaw, and by that time your cyanide level will be back to zero. Not to mention by that time you’ll have given up.

So, it is impossible to be hurt from any level of cyanide from eating peach seeds.

By contrast, if you eat only a few tablespoons of salt you will die. So salt is far, far more poisonous than peach seeds, and you eat tons of salt every day.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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5 thoughts on “Today I Ate a Peach Seed and I Am Still Alive and Feel Great

  1. I’m eating one as we speak and it taste nothing like an almond. It tastes like medicine. Bleh.

  2. I got the information from two of my aunt’s, that if I would eat a peach seed at night, it would help the swelling in my feet and legs….I tried it and it works great!!! Had no idea about the cancer healing properties… Vitamin B 17 who knew? Thank you for this very important information.

  3. Thank you for providing this info. I  made a smoothie in my Vitamix, with lots of home grown peaches. When I  drank it I found pieces of  peach pit. If I forgot to remove a whole pit, the nuts were probably ground finer than the shell. So I  wanted to be sure it was safe to drink.

  4. so what is the recommended number of seeds daily to stay cancer free? 

    • eating peach seeds or apricot seeds are not sufficient to totally stop one a day, for good health.  put the almond-looking seed in corner of baggie, use a knifehandle to crush it, break it up, then mix with some ice cream or peanut butter,as the “carrier”


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