Top 10 Greatest Hoaxes and Conspiracies of All Time That You May Not Have Known Were Hoaxes

Here are ten of the greatest hoaxes of all time. There are certainly more hoaxes, but I had to choose just ten. You might not be ready to believe these hoaxes, but that is OK, you are free to believe whatever you want.

If you still believe any of these hoaxes, I encourage you to open your mind and do some research yourself. Hopefully one day you will come to accept that reality is not what is in your liberal atheistic “history” or “science” books.

10 Crop Circles Hoax

Crop Circles Hoax
The Hoax These farmers are very talented. Artists, really. I wonder why they do it? Attention? Insurance fraud? Who knows. They look cool though. Definitely manmade however.

9 Cancer Drugs Hoax

Cancer Drugs Hoax
The Hoax How many people really die of cancer? You might be shocked to find that almost no one in the world has ever died of cancer! However, tens of millions of people have died from taking cancer drugs and undergoing "conventional" cancer treatment like chemotherapy.

Heck, even Steve Jobs was doing fine when he avoided all conventional cancer treatments. Then when he finally decided to do a conventional cancer treatment, he died a little while later. He might be alive today if he never agreed to the cancer treatments.

Moreover, unlike the multi-billion dollar cancer industry lies to you about, the real truth is that cancer drugs have a 0% success rate compared to non-treatment! That's right, you mortgaged your house to pay for poison that is going to kill you because of your "cancer diagnosis".

Does cancer exist? Most probably. But what is cancer? An overgrowth of cells. Why is there an overgrowth of cells? Most likely because of chemical poisons in our food (i.e. GMOs, MSG, processed foods, additives, etc.), water (fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs in the water supply, etc.), air (pollution, chemtrails, etc.), and personal property (i.e. fire retardants, household cleaning chemicals, etc.). Cancer could also actually be a fungal overgrowth as some doctors have shown evidence for.

But despite this, cancer doesn't kill most cancer patients. Cancer drugs kill them - as well as making their last days the most painful, excruciating, and miserable possible.

8 Flat Earth Hoax

Flat Earth Hoax
The Hoax There is a misconception that ancient people thought the earth was flat. This is false. Even people thousands of years ago believed the earth is round, because the Earth really is round. People who believe in a flat earth have always been on the fringe, just like the people who believe in extraterrestrials.

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7 Spinning Earth Hoax

Spinning Earth Hoax
The Hoax I once vehemently denied the earth doesn't spin, because I believed what I was taught in school that the Earth is spionning at thousands of miles per hour. However, the more I researched, the more I realized that it is impossible for the earth to be spinning.

The only reason scientists say that the earth is spinning, which, by the way, is 100% unproven, and, due to General Relativity, is impossible to prove, is because it seems like the only way to explain how the sun rises and the sun sets. This is because scientists of today deny the geocentric model of the universe and instead choose to believe in heliocentricity.

6 Heliocentricism Hoax

Heliocentricism Hoax
The Hoax I also always believed in heliocentricism (until recently), because that is what I was taught in grade school. I remember making "models" of the solar system.

However, recently I learned that not only is there zero evidence for heliocentricism, but also ancient people before the 16th century never believed in heliocentricism. In fact, for almost all of human history, people know that the sun revolved around the earth, which is called geocentrism, not the other way around.

The more I researched, the more I realized that the heliocentric model is just another atheistic view which is put in place to try to disprove and downplay the existence of God.

5 Dinosaurs Hoax

Dinosaurs Hoax
The Hoax I always thought dinosaurs were cool. I even had nightmares of dinosaurs despite thinking they were cool. However, I also used to think dinosaurs existed.

Instead, dinosaurs are a massive hoax without any real scientific evidence, a work of fiction created only in the past few decades.

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4 The Big Bang Hoax

The Big Bang Hoax
The Hoax There is no evidence for the Big Bang, but there is ample evidence that the Big Bang could never have happened. Frankly, the Big Bang is scientifically implausible, if not scientifically impossible.

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3 Evolution Hoax

Evolution Hoax
The Hoax There is zero evidence for evolution. In fact, science says that evolution is impossible. Evolution is just another atheistic view to try to come up with any explanation for how we came to be, that specifically does not include God.

However, contrary to popular belief, there is in fact no scientific evidence for evolution. Despite having decades of the smartest people in the world trying to find evidence, every time anyone came up with something like the "neanderthal man", it was always proven to be a hoax.

2 Feminism Hoax

Feminism Hoax
The Hoax Feminism, one of the most destructive and psychologically raping ideologies to ever hit human society, is a massive hoax. Feminism exists, of course; that is not the hoax. The hoax is that feminism actually supports the very ideals of feminism.

The whole idea of feminism is premised on the idea that women need equal rights as men, and that in forcing women to take on masculine roles in society and forcing men to take on feminine roles in society, that somehow this would improve society.

However, instead of improving society, feminism has greatly ruined society. There is nothing good that came out of feminism, it has only brainwashed people into self-destructive patterns of behavior, because the proponents of the ideology never wanted to improve society in the first place.

The proponents of feminism created the ideology as a way to exterminate large numbers of people through breaking up marriage, promoting abortion and birth control, and other tools designed to contribute to global depopulation under the false idea of culling "overpopulation".

1 Global Warming Hoax

Global Warming Hoax
The Hoax Global warming is a massive hoax perpetrated on a global scale. Despite evidence that the earth is actually cooling, the global warming promoters made up scores of lies, and manipulated society to greatly increase governmental control and lead society toward a global "one world order".

Fortunately, real scientists have actually disproven global warming and revealed it for the great hoax that it is. However, sadly, the proponents of global warming have such power over the educational establishment and the media that this myth probably isn't going away anytime soon. After all, it works! The government's power has multiplied exponentially as a direct result of the propagation of this hoax.

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So there you have it! What are your favorite hoaxes? Do you think there is a greater hoax which is not listed? What is it?

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