Crime Pays – Until You Post A Picture Of Yourself Bragging On Twitter About The Crime Using Your Real Name and Location

The level of stupidity of some of the idiots today is truly unbelievable. Twitter user @MalackiRhooms of Lewisham, London, which based on the content of his posts is most likely his real name, decided a few hours ago it would be a great idea to brag about becoming a credit card scammer.

This total idiot posted a picture of himself standing next to his new black Porsche Panamera, a $100,000 vehicle, with nothing but the license plate blanked out. Yet, he posted it on a twitter account using his real name, with his snapchat username malacki.rhooms in the Bio section, his Instagram account linked of, and his real location of Lewisham, London.


Then on top of admitting he is a scammer to the entire internet, he has the audacity to complain in a tweet posted just minutes earlier about someone being a “fraud” for buying twitter followers.


So not only did this moron decide that getting free college leeching welfare in a country which he sought “refugee” status what not enough, he decided that even that much free stuff was too much work so he decided to just start being a credit card scammer instead. Unbelievable.

A post from last week shows that apparently he only just decided to become a credit card scammer. His new Porsche and “chain” were probably bought with stolen credit cards. On February 17th, just last week, he posted this bit of gold:


So he is getting an A grade in math and he can’t even write a sentence? Doubtfully. His real grades were probably pulling down his 64% grade for the class down to a 52% after completely failing his math test. Then completely giving up at even trying with his free college, he just decides to start ripping off people’s credit cards becoming a credit card their instead.

Not only that, but even though his admission tweet shows him wearing sunglasses, another tweet shows his picture very clearly:


Not only that, but this appears to be the inside of his university. Don’t worry, the rest of his tweets are similarly idiotic and show his extreme level of stupidity.

So to recap:

Some loser sought refugee status in the UK. He gets free university and is on welfare but all this isn’t enough for him. Failing all his exams, he decides to drop out of university and begin scamming credit cards. Then on top of all this, he posts a tweet from his personal account using his real name and a picture of himself admitting to being a credit card scammer.

The level of idiocy in this is completely unbelievable. If I wasn’t seeing this with my own eyes, I might question if anyone could really be this stupid. I assure you, this moron really is this stupid. I am betting that after this post and a report to his local police department in Lewisham, London that this tweet probably won’t be up for long, but I wouldn’t put it past him. In any case, I have posted screenshots of everything, so even if it is removed it is still here for future evidence.

I hate scammers, but I’m pretty glad this idiot decided to post on Twitter about his scams. Hopefully whoever he scammed will be able to get their money back and he gets taken in without much trouble. After all, he made it very easy for any investigators.

Please share this post so that the police can catch this moron scammer quickly. Maybe when he is caught he can turn in some bigger scammers who taught him how to do it. What do you think of this total moron? Can you believe this insane level of stupidity?

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