Top 10 Worst Genocidal Mass-Murderers To Have Ever Lived, And It Is Not Who You Think

If you think Hitler and Stalin, think again. Even despite the fact that Hitler and Stalin were completely lied about, still they do not come close to some of the other mass murderers. They are not even in the same ball park even if the claims were true about them (which is improbable).

Here is a list of the worst genocidal mass-murderers to have ever lived.

10 Edmond James de Rothschild - 20 Million Deaths - WWI

Edmond James de Rothschild - 20 Million Deaths - WWI
The Travesty The Rothschilds under the leadership of elder Edmond Rothschild, a Zionist Communist Jew, instigated, started, and funded both sides of World War 1. As a result, they are responsible from the resulting death toll of a bloody 20 million people killed in WWI.

9 Jacob Rothschild - 36 Million Deaths

Jacob Rothschild - 36 Million Deaths
The Travesty The Rothschilds under the leadership of elder Jacob Rothschild, a Zionist Communist Jew, instigated, started, and funded both sides of almost every war in the 20th century. This includes the 16 million deaths listed for the major wars since WWII (Jacob was born in 1936) not including wars in the middle east or eastern asia; and 20 million for the wars in the middle east. The total number of deaths from wars instigated and funded by the Rothschilds could be much higher.

8 Genghis Khan - 40 Million Deaths

Genghis Khan - 40 Million Deaths
The Travesty Genghis killed 40 million between 1206 and 1227. While that may sound light compared to some of the worst, in fact if you calculate the proportion today based on the world population, it looks a lot worse, and he would be almost the worst in all of history. There were around 400 million people in the world in 1200 AD. In the 20th century (when most of the rest of the massacres happened), there were around 2 billion people in the world around 1950 AD.

That means there was about 1/5th the world's population when Genghis committed his atrocities, so we can multiply 40 million by 5 to see how many people in proportion to the other mass murderers Genghis killed. That means Genghis, by comparison, killed 200 million people. He actually killed 40 million, but 200 million is the number in comparison to the mass murderers of the 20th century. It also means that since there were 400 million people in the world and Genghis killed 40 million of them, then Genghis actually killed 10% of the entire world! That would be like killing over 700 million people today.

7 Big Pharma - 64 Million Deaths

Big Pharma - 64 Million Deaths
The Travesty Big Pharma is not a single person, but for the research of this article it would take too long to also track down the primary responsible party responsible for Big Pharma. Nonetheless, shockingly, as a result of Big Pharma, 64 million people have been killed in the last 16 years. 64 million is only since the year 2000. If you include before the year 2000 then it is much, much greater.

This includes primarily, 17 million who died from chemotheraphy drugs in the U.S. alone, 12 million deaths by superbugs (which only exist because of antibiotics), 8.5 million killed by psychiatric drugs, and over 2 million killed worldwide by opoid drugs. Full list to get 64 million is here

6 Mao Zedong - 65 Million Deaths

Mao Zedong - 65 Million Deaths
The Travesty In just 10 years, Mao Zedong, also known as Mao Tse-tung, murdered 65 million people in China, mostly intellectuals and scholars, in an effort to transform China into a communist state. Some estimates place this as high as 78 million. At least once Mao hired the Communist Red Army to come over to China to do some of his massacring dirty work.

What is even more crazy is that Mao was singlehandedly responsible for even more deaths than all of Big Pharma combined (although by next year Big Pharma will have surpassed Mao Zedong in total kills). This is amazing and truly horrible. Mao Zedong was certainly one of the worst people to have ever lived.

What is shocking is the blind ignorance of today's communists and liberals, which is evident by the fact that even today, Mao is regarded as one of the greatest leaders in history by the Communist Party in China, and is regarded as a "great philosopher" by some ignorant liberals, despite the reality that he was actually one of the worst people to have ever lived.

5 Lenin - 66 Million Deaths - Red Holocaust

Lenin - 66 Million Deaths - Red Holocaust
The Travesty Under the leadership of Communist half-Jewish Lenin, the Jewish Bolsheviks massacred 66 million Europeans (largely ethnic Germans) in Russia in the Red Holocaust when they overthrew Russia and brought the continent into turmoil. This was by far the single worst massacre in all of history, and it was committed by Communist Jews against white Europeans.

Lenin really takes the cake when it comes to mass killings. Moreover, this 66 million only includes the Red Holocaust, and does not include the kills from his other travesties. It would take a lot of research to find out all the rest of his total kills, so let's just stick with 66 million, that is bad enough. Lenin was worse than both Mao Zedong and Big Pharma, especially when you add on all the rest of his travesties above and beyond the Red Holocaust.

Russia has never fully recovered from this genocidal ethnic cleansing travesty, and the ethnic, political, and social demographics of Russia have been forever altered. This was not only the worst mass murder in the 20th century, but also in all of history.

4 Big Sugar - 73 Million Deaths

Big Sugar - 73 Million Deaths
The Travesty There appear to be a few families who own the primary sugar conglomerates, and Brian O'Malley has been the CEO of Domino foods since 2001. The death toll is staggering. 2.8 million people now die each year as a direct result of obesity. The primary culprit is sugar, and this includes artificial sweeteners. Since the epidemic has gotten worse in recent years, I only included back to the year 1990, so that is 26 years times 2.8 million deaths per year directly related to obesity, which is 72.8 million deaths since 1990.

The sneaky thing about Big Sugar is that since the deaths are not immediate, shocking, or gruesome, it often goes overlooked. However, with an astounding 2.8 million people dying from Big Sugar every year, it is one of the greatest killers in the world. The families behind the sugar industry are responsible for these slow massacres.

3 Winston Chuchill & the Rothschilds - 75 Million Deaths - WWII

Winston Chuchill & the Rothschilds - 75 Million Deaths - WWII
The Travesty Nearing the top of the list of mass murderers is Winston Churchill, a Zionist Jew (Winston was not English), who along with the Rothschilds instigated, started, and funded both sides of World War 2. The Rothchilds multiplied their fortune profiting handsomely an unknown number of trillions added to their bank accounts by funding both sides of the most deadly war in history. Mass murder pays well.

Nathan ("Natty") Mayer Rothschild (not to be confused with later Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild), along with Winston's father, Randolph Churchill, conspired to create World War 2. Even though Nathan Rothschild died in 1915 before WWII, still the pieces were in place, and his evil work was carried on by Winston Churchill and Nathan's successor, Lionel Walter Rothschild, who died in the middle of WWII in 1937, and passed on the evil work to other Rothschilds. The total deaths from WWII are estimated at an astounding 75 million.

2 Karl Marx - 274 Million Deaths - Creator of Communism

Karl Marx - 274 Million Deaths - Creator of Communism
The Travesty Karl Marx, a Communist Jew (Marx was not german, he was Jewish), may not have himself committed any mass killings with his own hands, since he was a thinker and a philosopher, as well as a general deadbeat who never held an actual job in his life. However, as the founder and creator of communism and socialism, Karl Marx is responsible for all of the combined deaths committed by all communists. He alone developed the ideologies which were directly responsible for the greatest mass killings in all of history.

A rough estimate of all deaths which are the result of Karl Marx's ideologies include 274 million massacres and genocides in the name of communism and communist-inspired wars, and untold millions more. That means that Karl Marx was responsible for the deaths of over a quarter of a billion people, and this was all within only the last century. Yes, a quarter of a Billion people dead, of every race including white Europeans primarily, many Asians and Middle Easterns, and some black Africans, all thanks to Karl Marx and communism.

1 John D. Rockefeller - 1.4 Billion Deaths

John D. Rockefeller - 1.4 Billion Deaths
The Travesty Margaret Sanger is the supposed founder of Planned Parenthood, but in reality it was formed and funded by John D. Rockefeller, a Zionist Jew bent on creating a one-world government, and promoter of eugenics programs including abortion. Part of this global initiative is to cull the world's population of white people, who are a threat to their one-world government, and the Rockefellers have so far succeeded at this genocide by murdering 1.4 Billion, that is 1,400,000,000 babies worldwide, and this is only only since 1980.

Almost all of these abortions have been of white babies. It has had absolutely no impact on the black population. Since 1973 when Roe vs Wade legalized abortion in the United States as a result of Planned Parenthood and the Rockefellers pushing this abortion initiative, 60 million abortions have been performed in the United States alone. The total worldwide number of killings since 1906 when Planned Parenthood was founded by the Rockefellers, 100 years ago, is immeasurable, since it was 1.4 billion in only the last 37 years. The number is likely to be at least 2 billion at the minimum.

This 1.4 billion also does not even include the massive conspiracy and collusion with the Rothschilds including the Rockefeller's roles in the world wars and banks that have also led to countless millions of deaths. However, all those millions pale in comparison to the genocide by abortion through Planned Parenthood.

In fact, all the murders, massacres, and genocides in all of history combined do not even come anywhere close to the number of murders committed through John D. Rockefeller's Planning Parenthood genocidal eugenics organization. As a result, John D. Rockefeller is hands-down the worst and most evil person to have ever walked the Earth.

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