Why Are Women Traditionally The Ones Who Cook and Men Traditionally The Ones Who Work?

Since feminism has broken society and made it so that many women especially in the western world do know even know how to cook and often have a full time job, many people might be wondering why in fact men traditionally are the workers and women are traditionally the ones who cook.

If you think about it, it will all make sense once I point out some fundamental aspects of our species. Firstly, as you well know, men are biologically stronger, bigger, and taller almost all the time. Yes, there are some large women and some tiny men. However, this is the exception to the rule.

Because men are bigger and stronger, since ancient days, men have been culturally the workers because they are biologically more capable than women. Of course, women can get big and strong too, but you have to remember it would take far more work for a women to become big and strong than it would for a man, since men are biologically designed to have more muscle and more mass.

Not only that, but men and women are designed to be attracted to the opposing sex. For example, there are very few men who are actually attracted to female bodybuilders – in fact, almost all men are strongly repulsed by it! It is unnatural and unattractive. Likewise, there are very few women (if any) who would actually prefer a skinny, short man without any muscle mass over a big strong man who labors to build lots of muscle.

This is just wrong.

As a result, we can take it as a certainty that men were biologically designed not only bigger and taller but to have more mass and muscle than women. After all, it is testosterone, the male hormone, which is required in order to build muscle. Females who build a lot of muscle are unattractive to men because they actually have confused their hormonal system into creating more testosterone. Moreover, I am rather certain that high levels of testosterone in a woman cannot be good for the female reproductive system.

So since we have established that men have more muscle than women and are better suited biologically to be laborers, let’s move on to women. Women, being the smaller sex as well as having a different hormonal system and biology which includes a reproductive system, are certainly not suited to do hard labor. Not only are women biologically gentler (due largely to the lack of testosterone as opposed to men), but also women have weaker bones (women are far more likely to develop osteoporosis than men due to far higher calcium needs as a direct result of the female reproductive system).

woman drinking milk needs calcium
Women need a lot more calcium than men.

Additionally, women are more emotional beings, which is also detrimental when it comes to working, especially when involving manual labor. The reason this is detrimental is because as a direct result of more complex and ranged emotions, women have a higher risk of injury. If a woman gets injured, there is a risk in women that is not present in men – a risk of damaging her reproductive system.

Sure, men can have their reproductive system also damaged, but unlike men, women have a womb and a far greater percentage of their body devoted to their reproductive system. This combined with a higher risk of injury (both emotionally and physically, i.e. weaker bones), means that it is unsuitable for women to take the risk of being the laborer from a biologically standpoint. Men are designed to be laborers, women are not.

Ok, so I haven’t yet directly addressed the reason why women are traditionally the ones who cook. The answer is hidden in our biology. Since men are traditionally the workers, which means a greater need for cellular repair, and since men have a greater biological mass both in height, weight, and stature, then men directly have a greater need for food than women. Men have to sustain not only their physical mass, but also depleted energy from labor, and broken down muscle tissue from labor that needs to be repaired.


Moreover, since men are traditionally the workers, this means that men have less time to actually learn the cooking trade, as well as less time to actually spend cooking. Women on the other hand, who are biologically designed to be caretakers, both emotionally and physically – that is, emotionally women are more suited to be caretakers of children, and physically women have breasts which carry milk after pregnancy – so both emotionally and physically women are more suited to stay at home and take care of children rather than do labor from the perspective of child rearing as well.

Since men have more need for food and less time to cook, and women have less need for food and more time to cook, then it is the natural biological inclination for men to spend the day working while women spend the day taking care of the house, the children, and cooking meals for the tired husband when he arrives home after a hard day’s work.

So you might be wondering. What about in our advanced technological service-oriented society in which men do not always need to do hard physical labor to work to sustain family? And what about child care? Well, the answer to this is the same. Firstly, men have a greater physical mass than women, so they have greater energy needs in most cases even without physical labor. But that is not the only factor by any means.

At the core of the problem is that a society in which men become weak from lack of physical labor and women work, these things are severely damaging on both a physiological and cultural level.

Firstly, without physical labor, men become lean and weak, which is detrimental to a marriage because becoming less appealing to the opposite sex is damaging to a relationship. Additionally, a man who becomes weak also changes biologically – less emotional energy, less passion, and less ambition. This is why our society has gyms – because it is clear that there is a biological need for a man to do physical labor.

man chopping wood

Next, women who spend their days working don’t have the time or energy to take care of their children. Instead they pass them off to child care – and it is significant to note that the child care workers are almost all women. Worse, because women exhaust their energy at tedious labor, they do not have the energy to care for their man when arriving home after a long day. This is just as damaging to the relationship as a man who doesn’t do any labor as described in the previous paragraph. It causes women to gain high stress, and become neurotic – neuroticism is caused by chemical changes in the brain as a result of biological exhaustion, high stress, high cortisol levels (cortisol is a stress hormone), and other biological factors.

So it can be clear to first note that men working intellectual-only jobs without any physical labor is in fact so damaging that a billion dollar gym and fitness industry has cropped up to try to address this major problem. Secondly, women doing laborious or emotionally draining work (such as retail, waiting tables, or working in the business world) is likewise highly damaging to relationships and family. Both of these are evident from clear and obvious societal factors: the highest divorce rates of all time in all of history, relational problems at an all-time high in all of history, and recent generations of damaged children from having absent parents.

parents fighting in front of child

So back to the original question: why are women traditionally cookers and men traditionally the workers? The answer is a direct result of male and female biology and anatomy. Men are designed to be workers, and to stray from manual labor is actually harmful – in fact men need manual labor. So many men go to gyms to try to make up for the lack of manual labor at work, and the men who don’t have physical problems, emotional problems, and relationship problems.

Likewise, women are naturally designed to be caretakers and not to be the ones spending their days doing manual (or mentally exhausting) labor. As a result, the ideal placement of women where both women and men, as well as children, are all happiest and most productive, is at home in the household. So, women cook because their biological inclination is to be caretakers, and with men working hard all day, women are happy to provide food and care to their man after he has worked hard to provide for the family.

But are women not supposed to work? Do women have to be bored at home?

“But I don’t want to stay at home, I get so bored” say some women. Well this is actually a new problem as a result of modern liberalism. and western culture. You see, women are told by feminism that they can either stay home to cook and clean, or go to work. But that is totally wrong! In fact, women in all of history would also do work.

In fact even in the Bible it says that the ideal woman does several things, and one of these things is working: “She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard” (Proverbs 31:16). So no, we aren’t saying woman can only cook and clean and get bored out of your mind! If after taking care of the children and preparing for meals and taking care of the house there is plenty of time left over, even the Bible says a woman shouldn’t be lazy but should work!

This woman has the right idea!

The difference is that in the Biblical example, the woman is working at home, being entrepreneurial, instead of leaving the house and neglecting to care for their children and husband and house. Women should not be lazy or leeches or use up the family money on shopping sprees and being busybodies and gossips – no, if a woman has time to do this then instead she should be entrepreneurial with her free time.

What if you don’t believe in the Bible? The point here is that there is historical evidence that shows that women of old times worked from home; they were not forced to twiddle their thumbs all day. Women are allowed to work, and should! They just shouldn’t put their work above caring their family by doing things like cooking and taking care of the children. Women are not biologically designed to be the breadwinners, but they can help support their family by being productive and entrepreneurial if they have the time.

The problem of feminism

Feminism tries to break down the family by pushing men into believing they need to be passive, and by pushing women into believing they need to go out and work and don’t have any responsibility to take care of their children. Feminism tricks people into thinking that their own biological inclinations aren’t important, just a “cultural construct”, but this could not be farther from the truth. The truth is the reason there are traditional gender roles is because it is what works best for us, as proven by millenia of generations of people.

The reality is that feminism has severely damaged the family, caused more divorces, fatherless children, and dysfunctional relationships, which subsequently gets worse each generation that children aren’t getting the care they need, then they grow up and their children get even less care. Eventually women forget how to cook, because their mothers never taught them, and they forget how to take care of their own children, because their mothers never taught them; and men forget that they need to do labor to be healthy and happy, because their fathers never taught them.

Clearly this woman’s mother did not teach her how to cook.

Closing Thoughts

So what are we going to do about this? Are we going to let the dangerous and damaging feminist ideologies continue to destroy our families and warp our minds and damage our children? Or are we going to try to get back to when things worked, when men worked hard at work, women took care of the children, and everyone was happy at dinnertime when the husbands can appreciate their women for taking care of their kids and enjoy the delectable sustenance provided by their wife? Where women no longer need to be emotionally drained doing labor meant for men, and men don’t have to eat inferior food and children don’t have to have absentee parents?

Everyone dreams of having this.

Women love to be appreciated, and are happiest when they are taking care of their family in the ways they best know how and are designed to do, such as cooking and caring. And every man is happiest when he comes home after a hard day of work where he got a lot done and made his family money, coming home to his beautiful wife who cooked him a wonderful (and tasty and healthy!) meal, and healthy and happy children who have been cared for by their mother. What more could any one of us ask for?

Something has to change, we need to change, society needs to change. People everywhere are waking up to the reality that political correctness, liberalism, and feminism are all manufactured artificial constructs designed to actually destroy us, not to help us. So let’s change things so that our children and their children can have a better life!

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