After 10 Years Of Weather Manipulation in California, The Weather Fights Back Ending Drought Forcefully And Causing Widespread Damage

There is no question about it – California’s “drought” is an artificial one created by weather manipulation including HAARP experiments and gas sprayed into the atmosphere. However, this week the weather has fought back and forcefully ended the drought, terminating the revenue of the elite who have unethically profited off manipulation of the weather in California over the past 10 years.

In fact, it is being said that the extensive flooding have effectively ended the drought in all of California, practically overnight. When you manipulate the weather for 10 years and hold back the rain, sooner or later it will get past the breaking point and the water will come flooding in.

california-dam-overflowing-2017This California dam can’t contain all the water. The dams are overflowing in 2017.

And flood it did – in an unprecedented shift, in just 1 week winter storm Jupiter has poured down 2 feet of rain. As a result, California has experienced extensive flooding, mud slides, houses filled with feet of water, previously dry lake beds now overflowing with water, ice storms, one of the coldest winters on record, extensive snow across the Pacific seaboard. In fact this is now of the biggest snows in California and Oregon on record.

Lake Tahoe, California received 10 feet total of snow so far, with 78 inches in just the last 48 hours! Winds reaching 173 miles per hour have toppled trees, powerlines, and more. Not only this, but this unprecedented winter storm caused by weather manipulation has affected the whole country, with states like Colorado getting avalanches shutting down major highways and infrastructure. Oregon has the biggest snow in 22 years, causing widespread power outages, abandoned cars littering the highway, roofs caving in, and more.

california-ice-accidentMajor accidents continue in the west as ice and snow cover the roads making driving conditions perilous.

Now there is a major ice storm spreading across the country causing severe power outages, deaths, highways shut down, and more as the winter storm Jupiter takes its revenge and spreads across the country. Millions of people are forced to stay home, places of businesses closed, streets empty, and a few unfortunate souls trapped far from home unable to get back without braving extremely dangerous road conditions with inches of ice coating the roads.

This goes to show that even when you manipulate the weather, eventually the weather will fight back and adjust itself to reach its former equilibrium. However, all of the billions of dollars of damage, thousands of displaced families who have lost everything, and all the lives lost through accidents, mudslides, avalanches, drowning, frost, and more, are on the heads of the weather manipulation scientists and the elite powers leading this covert weather manipulation.

california-flooding-2017California houses are flooded, proving the the drought was manufactured. Liberal Californians don’t understand what is happening. The weather has fought back and gotten its revenge.

So much for “global warming”. Considering this is one of the coldest years on record for California and the Pacific coast, this along with all the other data is proof that global warning is a complete sham. While real scientist and people with a brain have known that global warming was a total scam based on the factual scientific evidence that proves the Earth is in a cooling cycle not not a heating cycle, millions of people in California have been brainwashed for decades into believing in global warming.

Many of these global warming advocates are now forced to shovel snow, fight ice, get a new car since their last was destroyed on a road covered in ice, bury their family members who drowned, froze to death, or died in some other cold-weather incident. It is a tragedy, and winter storm Jupiter is having its revenge.

california-snow-storm-Jupiter-2017Lake Tahoe scheduled for 20 feet of snow – one of the biggest snows on record.

This goes to show that you can’t manipulate the weather forever, eventually it will take its toll. Moreover, these winter storms across the United States and Europe which have taken many lives and crippled infrastructure leaves many wondering if we may possibly be headed toward a mini ice age.

Here are a few more interesting photos of the devastating effects of the 2017 winter storm Jupiter:













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