The Strong vs The Weak As Defined In A Nutshell By Various Political and Social Ideologies

This is a comparison and social commentary, a brief description of the various political and social ideologies as defined within the perspective of the strong versus the weak. You may agree or you may find this highly controversial. This is yours to decide.

This commentary may also help you understand and discern between the different ideologies. I have studied these ideologies extensively in college and doing my own research, and have written many papers in college about some of them. However, this post is just for fun. Enjoy.

Natural Order

Nature – the strong survive, the weak die; survival of the fittest; more will be strong without intervention due to natural selection.

Political Items

Capitalism – a few of the weak can become strong with hard work and survive on the backs of the rest of the weak; the strong may legally exploit the weak for unlimited personal gain; everyone else is SOL.

Marxism – the weak shall blindly follow the strong to the slaughter but shall not be exploited.

Feudalism – the strong shall lord over the weak.

Federalism – the strong shall be divided and lord over the weak.

Proletarianism – the weak shall rule the weak.

Democracy – the weak shall rule each other through majority voting.

Republic – the weak shall elect a few strong to rule over them.

Monarchy – one very strong and a few strong shall exploit the weak and protect them too if they want.

Oligarchy – a few very strong and a few strong shall exploit the weak and protect them too if they want.

Nationalism – the weak and strong shall join together on common location, culture, ethnicity, ideology, values, and beliefs to actively protect themselves against inevitable threats.

Patriotism – the weak and strong shall join together on common location, ideology, values, and beliefs to passively protect themselves against inevitable threats.

National Socialism (“Nazism”) – everyone has a right to survival, and everyone has a better chance at survival in independent ethnic and cultural groups.

Republicanism – the strong and weak both have inalienable rights to survival given by God.

Conservatism – the strong may protect the weak after protecting themselves.

Libertarianism – the weak may destroy the strong if the strong try to destroy the weak.

Fascism – the strong shall destroy the weak, the weak shall resort to namecalling (“you fascist!”).

Communism – the strong shall be permitted to eliminate the weak.

Socialism – the weak shall be supported by the strong so everyone survives, some at greater cost than others.

Modern Liberalism – the weakest shall survive and multiply on the backs of the strong, inevitably destroying everyone except the ruling elite; the weak shall be brainwashed to comply by any means necessary.

Extremism – the criminally insane weak shall murder the strong and weak.

Centrism – the strong shall passively let the weak destroy them.

Authoritarianism – a few weak shall overthrow the strong and then rule the weak.

Anarchism – the strong shall be eliminated, all shall rule themselves.

Social Items

Imperialism – the strong shall rule over the weak and also find more weak to conquer and rule over.

Colonialism – the strong shall actively seek out weak in new lands to conquer and rule over them through colonization.

Individualism – everyone has a right to survive on their own accord, if they can.

Collectivism – the weak and the strong shall support each other.

Feminism – the weakest females shall indiscriminately harm and destroy all strong and weak for their own gain and inevitable demise in the pursuit of the feminist agenda; and try to brainwash everyone to do the same.

Objectivism (Ayn Rand) – the weak shall try to rationalize the destruction of the strong and justify through blind reason the destruction of everything real and wholesome.

Utilitarianism – if it improves total happiness, the strong may eliminate the weak, or vice-versa; both weak and strong may do whatever it takes to achieve total happiness.

Bonus Items

Behavioralism – behavioral statistics shall be used to convince the strong they are weak.

Pharmaceuticalism – the strong shall be brainwashed to believe they need to consume brain-altering poisons to become weak.

Psychology – the strong shall be brainwashed into believing they are weak.

Psychotherapy – procedurally brainwash the strong to become weak.

Psychopathology – manufacture new ways to support pharmaceuticalism by convincing the strong they are mentally weak.

Neurology – the strong shall be medically instructed as to why they are weak due to brain issues as a support for pharmaceuticalism.

Neuropsychology – try to figure out why the strong are strong and the weak are weak and use this to support pharmaceuticalism.

Eugenics – only the strongest should survive, weed out and eliminate the weak and breed the strong.


If you’re wondering, yes, I just made up “pharmaceuticalism”. But it is a thing. And yes, capitalism is technically an economic ideology with political connotations.

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